iOS devices - No Internet Connection

  • Recently my iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) will fail to connect to my primary SSID (the dual band one). Both devices will show “No Internet” when connected to that particular SSID. I also publish the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz SSIDs and both devices can connect to those. I have 2 other HD units in RAMP config each publishing both bands and I cannot connect to the 5Ghz band SSIDs on either one (I can connect to the 2.4GHz one). Also, I CAN connect to the 5Ghz band SSID on the primary router🤔. Sometimes, turning off WiFi on the devices will allow them to connect but this is not certain. My MacBook Pro and my wife’s Windows laptop will connect with no problems.

    All HD units are on 3.4.2 and the primary HD is in bridge mode.

    Any idea as to what may be going on?

  • @Rakesh-Gupta I have seen something similar to this happen when AmpliFi was put in place to replace an older router. The same SSID and password was used, and the WAN port was taken from the old router and placed into the AmpliFi, however the old router was not powered down leaving it to broadcast a hollow network which devices may still connect to. Do you have any other routers on the network currently besides AmpliFi? Including one provided by your ISP or in a modem/router combo?

  • @UI-AmpliFi said in iOS devices - No Internet Connection:

    Including one provided by your ISP or in a modem/router combo?

    I do have a modem from my ISP but the wifi functions are turned off. I also have 2 old Apple Airport Extremes that I'm using essentially as switches and Time Machine backups and both of them have wifi disabled as well.

    What is really strange that I've been using AmpliFi HD for about 3 years and this is new. Also, it's only the iOS devices that seem to have this problem.

  • @UI-AmpliFi well - rebooting the 2 HD units that were in RAMP mode appears to have fixed the issue. For how long Is anyone’s guess!

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