Set up issues - Connected no internet

  • Hi - we set up our Amplifi system yesterday. The router itself seems to be functional, but we are having trouble connecting/ keeping our devices hooked up to the system.

    The common theme is the device (laptop, occasionally phones, Roku and Smart TV) all hook up and then say "Connected, no Internet". We have not been able to connect our Roku Premiere or our smart TV (<1 yr old LG) at all. My work laptop connects but seems to disconnect if it's left idle. If I disconnect/ reconnect a couple times, it will find it again.

    I've reviewed several articles. We've reset the routers and our devices. We've changed the Network Channel to 149. We tried assigning a static address to the TV, no luck. We are on an Automatic DHCP connection.

    Anyone have other ideas for what we should try? We are on Metronet for our ISP (not Comcast or anything), if that matters.

  • @Erin-Easter I have seen something similar to this happen when AmpliFi was put in place to replace an older router. The same SSID and password was used, and the WAN port was taken from the old router and placed into the AmpliFi, however the old router was not powered down leaving it to broadcast a hollow network which devices may still connect to. Do you have any other routers on the network currently besides AmpliFi? Including one provided by your ISP or in a modem/router combo?

  • @UI-AmpliFi thank you for the quick reply. We do have the original modem, but I believe the router component is disabled. We are using the same name password, so we may try changing that. I will let you know. Would that be likely to happen - starting Connected and then going to 'Connected, no Internet?

  • @Erin-Easter said in Set up issues - Connected no internet:

    starting Connected and then going to 'Connected, no Internet?

    Yes, because it's connected to AmpliFi and working, then connected to an identical SSID and password network that does not have an active connection to the internet. The devices connecting to the networks will not differentiate between them if they share the same name and password.