Second Amplifi Alien as Wireless Mesh Re-initializing

  • I just recieved my second Amplifi Alien and I am having issues. I keep hearing a sound like when I first turn it on. If I happen to see it when it is doing it, it says "Initializing" then chimes. I checked the signal on the AMP and it is good sitting around 48-50 dBm.
    This happens around 15 - 20 times a day.

  • @dpickard It sounds like your Alien is rebooting, which other users have also experienced. At this point it is not yet known what is causing this, but I would suggest exchanging the unit. You can request an exchange form our store team if thats where you purchased it from, or submit a replacement request under warranty following our RMA process

  • @UI-AmpliFi I just now installed a 3.4.1 update that just became available to me today or at least on my main Amplifi. I will give it a day and see if it improves. I see the interface changed on its screen and performance is much better.

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