Slow upload speeds on Amplifi HD wifi (down is good)

  • Just received the Amplifi HD router and tried to set it up. The provider is giving us 100 Mbps down and up. If I connect to the wifi from the provider router it gives ~100 download and upload. When connecting to the wifi of my Amplifi it gives ~100 download but only 1-2 upload. Connecting with an ethernet cable on either the provider router or Amplifi HD also gives met 100 up and down.

    Why is the upload of my Amplifi HD so low?

    I tried:

    • turning on Hardware NAT
    • bridge mode

    FYI: The incoming cable goes to a device from the provider. From there we get 1 ethernet cable that goes to the router of the provider. The Amplifi HD is connected to the provider router.

  • Turned out my providers engineer capped the upload of port 5.... Used a different port and everything worked out.

  • @Mark-Molina Thanks for the update!

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