Wi-if drops every few minutes on select devices

  • Seems to be a reoccurring subject where certain devices on a network cannot stay connected to the alien, and in my case it is my HomePod and Roku. Have been dealing with tech support to no avail. Watching an Xfinity stream channel thru Roku app is awful when every few minutes I get a buffering screen or when listening to a radio station thru my HomePod the stream disconnects and I miss important parts of a conversation. Nothing has helped.

  • @Square-Burgers Have you tried connecting them for an additional 5Ghz or 2Ghz SSID?

  • @Square-Burgers
    What @UI-AmpliFi said... Get your non WiFi-6 devices onto the "additional" 5 Ghz WiFi band/SSID. And let all of your WiFI-6 capable units connect to the default SSID's.

    This also seems to be best practice for getting the most throughput out of each band as well. You want all of your devices to have the best signal strength and modulations as possible. Crappy signals will drag down the rest of your WiFi network with it!

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