I ordered Single Alien for 2000 sqft home, should I have gotten the mesh system?

  • @Mr-Frankie We were in a similar situation when we bought our condo apartment, the building was just being constructed. We had previously had Comcast which isn’t available in this community. I had the builders install coax outlets everywhere but didn’t realize that they installed a metal cabinet in each apartment’s storage closet. That’s where all the Fios equipment goes - the ONT box and the router. We had been using an Apple Extreme router and wanted to continue that but I had been advised on another forum that the Fios router is necessary for the guide and various other tv features as well as caller ID if you get a Verizon land line.

    But I still wanted to use the Apple router assuming it would be better but I didn’t want it stuck in that storage closet. So I had the guys run an Ethernet cable that connects the Fios router from that closet out to an area that is about the center of the apartment. And I had been advised that to keep things simple I should put the Apple router in bridge mode, turn off the radios in the Fios router to avoid additional interference, and just use it for the wifi network. I have read of other ways of configuring things to be able to eliminate the need for the Fios router but they sound a little complicated and tedious to me so since everything works well as is I’m keeping my current set up.

    The Alien just replaced the Apple router, I kept the exact same network names and passwords, booted up both the Alien and the Fios router after turning it off and connecting the Ethernet cable between them and everything just worked.

    As long as the Alien or secondary router is in bridge mode the Fios router doesn’t care, speeds are great, coverage in our apartment is better than it was with the Apple router, but not dramatically so, it’s not that big of an apartment. The coax connection supplies our Fios One box and all services/features, other than caller ID, are active. And the Amplifi app controls everything I need to do on the Alien, I almost never access or even touch the Fios router.

    After reading through different forums it seems that I could have had our router set up by being connected by coax and I wouldn’t have been limited to where I had the Ethernet cable come out. So I would have had further options as to where to locate the Apple/Alien since I had coax connectors in every room and possible location that we may decide to put a tv but the Ethernet connection is in the perfect spot for complete coverage.

  • @Mr-Frankie

    I found out this week that I can get my own router, they simply have to release the IP address from there router. I was told there a small isp and don’t have unlimited IP address and simply unplugging doesn’t release the isp router.

    Again my fiber is brand new, they’ve only been online for two months now. The tech guy on the phone told me the installer did know you had to call and have tech support release the IP address to switch routers.

    Now I have to decide if I want to reorder the mesh alien or go orbi 6 ax6000. Does anyone have experience with both and can recommend one over the other? I want which ever one is the fasted, thanks

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