AmpliFi & NAT!

  • For as long as I remember and as 18+ year IT guy, I always enable NAT on my routers and recommend it to others!

    Long story (another thread sharing my experience with my AmpliFi HD & AmpliFi Gamer!) but here’s the short one!

    AmpliFi doesn’t recommend enabling NAT as sort of Firewall but many web sites suggest it’s sort of Firewall and do not mention improving speed / performance for GB users!

    For example:

    Suggestion please - just for educational purpose? 🙂

  • @GOOGLE I believe your a bit mislead as to what hardware NAT feature does on the AmpliFi. The hardware NAT feature is a way to accelerate NAT routing functions with hardware so that the CPU doesn't have to process all the routed traffic. It is a good way to take some load off the CPU when you have 1Gbps. NAT certainly can add some security to your home network and it important to have some layer of NAT. The performance issues with NAT are often encountered when there are multiple layers of NAT, for instance if you have AmpliFi plugged in to another router you would have created two layers of NAT thus causing loss in performance because traffic has to be router twice. Hope this is helpful.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thank you for detailed response.

    I believe I misunderstood hardware NAT more than a bit! 🙂

    Yes, I’ve had my share of stress dealing with mandatory double-NAT years ago!

    Back to subject, 1 last question: so even without hardware NAT, users without GB ISP who don’t enable hardware NAT are still protected by some layer of NAT built-in your firmware / software?

  • @GOOGLE That is correct you will have a secure layer of NAT with your AmpliFi even if you turn on/off hardware NAT! Unless you put the AmpliFi in bridge mode of course then you will lose the layer of NAT from AmpliFi. I hope this helped. 👍

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