Web UI -> Advanced Options!

  • Right after Apple’s announcement that they no longer sell / support their wireless routers, I started my research for a replacement as good as theirs.

    Reviewed tons of Apple’s blogs and they all reviewed and recommended the usual suspects - Asus, Netgear, Dlink and etc - which I don’t like!

    I used to be a fan when full time PC user but when switched to Apple, that was it!

    Luckily, found out about AmpliFi and bought their HD on Amazon.

    Couple of years later, bought the Gamer’s Edition because it came in black and just because!!

    Like most geeks, I enabled all those advanced options in Web UI since day 1!

    My studio apartment is around 5000 sq. No problem except time to time some devices were misbehaving. A reboot almost always fixed the problem.

    Until I decided to dig in and see what I can do to eliminate those small issues.

    I disabled all the options in Web UI except Ad-blocker and band switching (default). Right away, I noticed my devices started behaving much better!

    That’s it. I left them alone and 2 weeks later, everything works 100% with no slow or down-time!

    I guess what I want to suggest to those who have problems is avoid changing options that are unnecessary / do not apply to their environments and trust developers’ default choices!

    We paid top $$ for these devices but we can save top $$ not buying Advils! 😉

  • @GOOGLE Well said, sometimes turning on everything is not the answer!

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