QoS for Ethernet Devices

  • Please please please implemen QoS for ethernet devices. I love everything else about the Amplifi but without QoS for my desktops it borders on unusable for me. I suppose it's partially my fault for not even thinking to check that this product would have QoS for Ethernet devices but honestly it's such a no-brainer I wouldn't have ever thought I needed to check for something like that. Now I have to genuinely consider returning the product, as I'm looking through this forum and there are old requests for this feature that have been ignored. It seems like you guys straight up don't care. That said, I really love this product otherwise, so here I am, begging you to implement this feature.

  • @t-k Wired devices already take priority over all other traffic. We certainly will update you if this is on the roadmap or we have an ETA for release.

  • @UI-AmpliFi may I ask why it's not on the roadmap yet when it's been continually requested for years for the Amplifi HD and now for the Alien too. Many other routers already do this and Amplifi does it for WiFi, so you'd think it would be simple to add for wired devices also.

    Is it a hardware limitation that it can't do it? Is it that the CPU isn't powerful enough to handle that much QoS?

    It just seems odd that something so important isn't even on the roadmap when so many users need this feature.

    They "recently" added icons for devices but I'm sure most users would have rather QoS for wired devices over icons.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Amplifi HDs, I have 3 at home, put in 2 at my parents house, put in 1 at work and put in 1 at my uncles house. So I've purchased a number of them. They are rock solid for me.

    I'd just like to get a better understanding of how Amplifi decides what features to add as it doesn't appear to be based too much on user feedback/suggestion.

    Maybe doing some polling of your user base for things they'd like to see would be a good idea like they are doing over on the Ubiquiti forums right now.

  • @t-k I also had a QoS and bufferbloat issue. You may have come across my posts bellow but if not here's what I did which helped my situation a lot:

    TP-Link Easy Smart Managed swtich:

    Added an ER-X for SQM: (this is actually awesome!) but watch your speeds, you'll be limited by it's CPU.

    Hope that might help.

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