WAN port not working on brand new Amplifi HD

  • I just received my amplifi HD yesterday and when I went to set it up I found that the WAN port appears non-functional.

    I am using exactly the same wiring as my previous router and I am able to connect with both a direct cable into my modem and via the old router.

    I plugged the WAN port into a LAN port on the amplifi but I still get the “plug in cable” error.

    The chat bot tells me I have to RMA the device, which seems pretty ridiculous to me. Is this the only option I have now? Is there new firmware or something else that might solve my problem?

  • Still got no help?
    Have you fixed the issue?

    I remember i had the same issue as you but with another Router: Wan port is unplugged.

  • I have the same thing, WAN port OOS, it worked for about 3 hours then stopped.
    I have defaulted it too many times, tried the bridge mode, nothing works.
    I believe this thing is a big waste of money

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