• My unifi network reports back like a religious event, ROUGE AGENT. .?
    When I put the router back on.
    Rouge agent goes away when I unplug it?

    I ordered a Edge Router ER-X. I need to find a network USB3.0 BT 5.0 that will mesh well with UNIFI Networks that cross checks status with the USG3. Or one that is. Merely stable with network.
    I have a TERRA MASTER 6 Drive machine I want to put on the network.
    I work with high volume Video and Graphics. And itโ€™s normal to work with 40TB file systems in Drone, Video, and high graphic content. Medical Video graphic files are 200gig each. And I transfer twice a week on those small files.

  • @Texman778 You may want to move this over to UniFi's community...

  • Also, is it reporting a "Red" Agent?! Or a "Rogue" agent? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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