Thinking about adding mesh but want more ethernet ports too

  • So the existing Alien MeshPoint doesn't have any addition ethernet ports to act as a physical switch. Where I am thinking of expanding the mesh system to I was planning on using the ethernet backhaul method but I also I need additional ethernet ports there as well for devices that either cannot connect wirelessly or prefer not to. I know you can use a second Alien router as a Mesh Point and they have 4 ethernet ports on the back.

    My question is: When using a second Alien router as a Mesh Point and connecting it via the ethernet backhaul method, are the 4 ethernet ports on the second router still usable as a switch, effectively giving me 4 ports on the original router (minus one going to the mesh point, of course) and 4 ports on the second router acting as a mesh point?

    It's a shame the existing MeshPoint doesn't have additional ethernet ports. I don't need the fancy screen on the second unit but I do need additional ethernet ports.

  • @Virtual-Mirage
    Short answer, Yes. If you backhaul another Alien to your main unit via ethernet, you may utilize the other 3 ports on the mesh unit as a regular gigabit ethernet switch. They will adopt and get DHCP from your existing LAN/main Alien that is actually a router.

  • @Virtual-Mirage Correct in a wired scenario you can still use the 4 ports on the MeshRouter as LAN ports with no problem.

  • @Virtual-Mirage If you are wired for an Ethernet Backhaul, simply add a 4 port Ethernet Switch, Plug in your "backhaul" feed to it, plug in your "portless" router into the switch, and add your additional Ethernet devices to the Switch.

  • @unseenone the idea is to consolidate my hardware and the amount of things that need their own power plug, not add more. I already have a small 7-port D-Link Gb unmanaged switch in the area I am considering adding a meshpoint, but I was hoping to replace it and not add on to it. Plus, I would prefer that the connection between the router and the MeshPoint via ethernet backhaul was as direct as possible.

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