One Device Bouncing Between APs

  • To date, I'm certainly among the happy Alien owners. I was hoping that one unit would cover our house, but I sucked it up and bought a second about a week later in time to ensure that 2 parents working and 2 kids schooling would have full bandwidth. All good.

    Except one piece of equipment. I have a Squeezebox Touch in our living room that is now unusable. I couldn't figure out what the problem was, it would just drop signal over and over until I checked out the topo map on the router and watched it switch from the meshed unit to the primary unit every 15-30 seconds non-stop.

    Suggestions, anyone? I can't force it to choose one or the other (and either would be fine).

    Yes, it happens to be placed in a location equidistant and obstacled from both units.

  • @Chip-Hart
    Is this device trying to connect to your WiFi-6 SSID?

    If so, it is best practice to create a "additional 5 Ghz Radio" in the app and send all of your NON WiFi-6 devices to that SSID, and not clutter your WiFi-6 SSID with devices that are not capable. In a perfect scenario, you want only your WiFi-6 devices on that respective SSID, as it will help with device modulations and signal strengths. Thus, better speeds and connectivity/reliability.

    Give this a shot if you haven't already and let us know if that helps!

    Edit: Another thought, you can try turning OFF band-steering as well to see if that remedies your issue!

  • @Chip-Hart is router steering on? If so, perhaps a test with that disabled?

  • Thank you, both, for your input. I was going to wait until I got home to look into this but then realized...I don't have to.

    To answer the questions:

    • No, this device is not connected to the 6 channel. It's 10y old 🙂
    • Presently, band steering is ON and router steering is OFF. This unit won't connect on the 5GHz signal, so I doubt that will make a difference but it's free to try. That also seems like it will trouble things the least, so I'll turn that off. [more below]
    • I realized that router steering would probably fix the issue for this unit but make some of the devices in the house less effective. I'll do a test second.


    [I logged into my devices through the app, flipped the band steering button and...I couldn't get back in to my devices for about 10m. Let's see what happens!]

  • Got home tonight. Watched the topo for about an hour and everything was steady (the device wasn't flopping around). Checking the settings on the way out the door, presuming my problem was solved, I learned...that the Band Steering was on the entire time. In other words, nothing had changed - except turning Band Steering on/off - yet the issue was gone last night. Router steering is still off.

    I realize this sounds like voodoo. I'm perplexed myself, unless just turning steering off/on triggers something.

    I'll report here if anything changes. Thanks for the help.

  • @Chip-Hart
    Good deal! Report back if the issue persists. There could be some funky software issues/bugs by toggling things on/off, but WiFi issues are usually always an environmental or settings issue. 🙂

    Take care!

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