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  • Hello,
    I purchased a new house and the builder is adding 3 Ethernet ports throughout the home. 2 upstairs and 1 on the main floor. All of the wires will run to my basement and I’m looking to purchase a switch. I’m just wondering what type of switch I should be looking at? I didn’t realize there were so many types of switches until I started googling. I’m a complete noob when it comes to home networking. I’ll be honest, I’m actually pretty confused. Haha. Currently I’m thinking of having my modem and a switch in the basement. My Alien router in the living room connected to the Ethernet port and possibly purchasing another Alien for upstairs, if needed. Is that a good setup? Sorry if this isn’t the right place for this! Thanks!

  • @Eric-Costa Hi Eric, you actually can just use the Alien in place of your switch, it has 4 LAN ports on the back that can be used for those ethernet cables going to other parts of the home. The second Alien could then be plugged in via ethernet for a wired backhaul.

  • @Eric-Costa
    What @UI-AmpliFi said above is your easiest option/simplest option for sure!

    If you DO end up needing a network switch.. Don't fret! Any gigabit ethernet switch will fill your needs. Any computer store, Walmart, Best Buy, all carry un-managed ethernet switches. Prices will vary depending on how many ports you need or want. But generally, prices can range anywhere from $30-$150 or so for a decent unit.
    In this wiring scenario, your network should look like this:

    ISP Internet Feed --> WAN (Internet) port on Alien --> One of the gigabit LAN ports on the alien to your network switch --> all of your wired devices to your network switch.

    Hope this helps!

  • @Anthony_014
    Thanks so much for the reply! I really appreciate it! Would the following also work? Modem and switch in the basement, Alien in main floor living room and if need be another Alien in upstairs office. Reason I ask is because the basement is unfinished and I’ll need wifi on the main floor and second floor. Also the builder will be running the wires from each Ethernet port to the basement. Is a regular gigabit unmanaged switch fine for the above scenario? Thanks in advance!

  • @UI-AmpliFi
    Ok, thank you! Only thing is my cables will be in the basement and it’s unfinished. I’d like my aliens on the main floor and second floor to get optimal wifi coverage in the house. Potential setup - Modem and switch in basement, alien to Ethernet port in living room (Main Floor) and Alien to Ethernet port in office (Second Floor). Would that work? If so, is an unmanaged switch all I need? Thanks in advance!

  • It might work, but the 2nd one that will be used as a mesh point or ramp will need to be connected to the first alien and not the switch.

  • @UI-AmpliFi How about an 8 port managed switch for the Amplifi ecosystem? I like the simplicity of Unifi but not the current line up enough to switch.

  • @MichaelE
    "Managed" switches do not really fit the Amplifi product model IMO, so I don't see this happening... What are your shortcomings with the Unifi lineup?

  • @Eric-Costa
    It would...but your cabling might be a nightmare.

    For your home network you usually want this set-up: ISP modem --> Your router --> switches/devices.

    Reason being is that you want all of your devices to have a common gateway and be on the same subnet for most flat (VLAN-less) networks. Also, for firewall/security reasons.

    So in your described scenario, you would need a cable from the basement modem to your alien upstairs, and another cable run back from the alien DOWN stairs to your switch, then you can aggregate all of your devices from there. You might be surprised with how good your coverage is with one alien in the basement and one upstairs. Your ground level floor will have pretty great coverage im sure! This would save you one cable run from middle level to basement since you can then place your DHCP server/router in the same room as the modem.

    Hope this helps!

  • @Anthony_014 UDM has no 6, has built in radio and if waiting for a flex 6 you are going to disable the radio, so an expensiver usg.

  • @Eric-Costa Yes any unmanaged switch that is rated for 1Gbps will work well!

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