Need perma-guests to have printer/Chromecast access

  • Re: Guest network should allow access to some devices

    Thanks to COVID-19 quarantining, I now have more people in my home than I had before. We have a home school teacher coming every day and a college student living in our basement. Both have brought their own devices, which I do not control, and both are on our guest network. Both have need to access the printer and the Chromecasts, and I don't want to put the devices I don't control on my main network. Is it possible to add another SSID and network? Or is my only recourse to run ethernet from the Fios router to the printer?

    Network details: I have Fios with Fios TV, so I have the Amplifi in bridge mode and the Fios router issues the IPs. A couple more things hang out on the guest network, like a Ring doorbell. The printer and the network hardware are in physically different locations, and I'd have to run cable to put the printer on ethernet because it can't physically sit where the router and WAP are.

  • @Tajh-Taylor Unfortunately the guest network is using client isolation so it is not possible to have LAN access while using this network.

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