Cant Access Amplifi HD from App

  • Just set up a new AmplifiHD. I did the intitial setup with the iPhone App but ever since the wifi reset, the App cant find the HD to connect to. I am connected to the SSID on the HD, I can log in to the web interface from a laptop and get to the admin page and see my iphone is connected and active however the App will absolutely not find the HD to connect to. Just keep searching and eventially an error sayign to check and make sure I'm connected to the network. I've rebooted the HD and closed and restarted the App. Not sure what else to do. Any tips? This things is straight out of the box. I did let it update firmware from the touchscreen on the HD. Thanks!

  • Well I figured it out but just wanted to post the resolution. I guess in IOS 14 they added a feature to allow/disallow connectivity to the LAN per App. Once I enabled that I was good to go.

  • @jason78 Thank you for posting the resolution!

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