Can I use Unifi UAP-AC Pro with Alien

  • I have a 6k sq ft two story. Alien will go upstairs in place of a Netgear Orbi Router. I already have two Unifi UAP-AC Pro wired to it. Will these APs work with Alien? The Orbi router is not giving me anything close to what my connection can provide, will the Alien be an improvement?

  • No, this device is not designed for that. You can run multiple Units, as a mesh network, Mesh with Ethernet backbone, or drive a switch to drive some Ethernet Ports. If you want something like that, you might consider the Dream Machine, or Dream Machine Pro perhaps.

    UniFi Dream Machine Pro

    The UAP-AC Pro

  • @Josephcoster I would recommend something in the UniFi family, probably the UDM or UDMPro are going to work best here.

  • I appreciate you both responding.
    It just seems like Alien has much more bandwidth potential.
    I am paying for 1g Xfinity broadband and rarely get more then 40 mbps when I test over wifi.
    When I test over wired, I consistently get 750-800 mbps.
    Would the dream machine enable me to get my wifi closer to my direct?

  • @unseenone Hello, I emailed tech support for same question and was told:

    You can connect the UAP AC pro with the Alien router using ethernet cable. However, to manage both the device you will have to mange them separately. The Alien router with the AmpliFi app and the WAP with the controller.
    To configure the UAP pro, please chat with the Unifi support team on they can help you with the configuration. As we are only trained for the AmpliFi products.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Can you confirm is the information that support gave me is correct?
    If so, where I would find details how to configure the Ac Pro with the Alien. Thanks

  • I am wondering if the OP ended up with the Alien or other solution? I just posted a new thread actually asking about replacing my Orbi and whether I should go the Alien mesh route or UDM with AP. I have 3900 sqf 2 stories. My reservation with UDM is that it does not yet have wifi-6 and I am not sure when an updated product will be released.

  • Since I already had the 2 APs, I went with the UDM. I have been very impressed with the controls thus far, and disappointed in the performance. I have more dead spots in my house than I did before. If you have the Orbi router and 2 satellites, as I did, you could experience less coverage. I am now trying to decide if I send them UDM back, go back with Orbi, go to Alien, or add another AP...

  • @Josephcoster If your choice is between Orbi or Alien, I would say Alien. Having been an Orbi customer before, speeds were fine but coverage and system stability were terrible.

  • @Josephcoster I’m kinda in a similar situation but I actually did go with the Amp Alien b4 learning more about Unifi products. I think the prob right now is we r basically stuck waiting for Ubiquiti to catch up their Unifi system to the rest of the Wifi 6 equipment bcuz as nice as the UDM may be i don’t know if it would be able to handle 1000mbps which I also have from Xfinity. The 2 alien routers I bought a few months ago have done very well for us but they r extremely limited as far as configurations & not being able to handle too many devices b4 the speed slows way down.

    I recently started purchasing early access items from Ubiquiti in hopes that I would finally be able to piece it all together since the early access products r almost always sold out in a few hours or less. I was lucky enough to get 1 of the new Unifi6lite ap’s l, 1 of the Unifi switch 8 60w, 1 cloudkey gen2 plus, & I have 1 of the unifi6LR access points ordered. But I think like I said b4 we r probably gonna have to wait til the next gen udm comes out to put it all together & see the speeds I would hope we would see with unifi equipment.

  • Sorry to resurrect this old topic but it's near the top of the google search results for this question and the answer is YES. If you've already setup a Ubiquiti AP with an SSID/PW and simply passing DHCP through from whatever main DHCP serving device you have, it will work in any network. You will just not be able to change anything like the SSID name or password or anything like that unless you reconnect it to the controller that it was originally adopted onto.

    Ubiquiti AP's aren't the only ones that behave this way. I've used Aruba and Ruckus AP's like this with no problems at all other than the above mentioned lack of management.

    For a Ubiquiti AP, the easiest solution to using it with an Alien is to install the controller software on a PC and manage the AP from there rather than buying a dedicated cloud key or having to hook back up your original Unifi controller device.

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