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  • hey all just waiting on my amplifis to arrive and have a few questions.
    1 can the "home router" be set to bridge mode?
    2 for remote teleport on 2nd router should it be setup locally before going to its location?

    I currently have a great mesh with automation paired directly to it and dont want to redo all this I'm hoping to setup this for remote streaming at my 2nd house without redo too much. Ideally I'd have home router in either bridge or disable wifi right out of ISP modem and remote 1 "feeding off that ISP modem .


  • 1 can the "home router" be set to bridge mode?

    Hi @mrshady - yes, the 'Home' router (located where you want to send video from) can be in Bridge mode

    2 for remote teleport on 2nd router should it be setup locally before going to its location?

    The 'Remote' 2nd router (located where you want to send video to) does not need to be set up locally at the 'Home' location beforehand
    However, if your second home location is far away from 'Home' and nobody will be at 'Home' while you are initially testing the installation, it might be good to make sure it is working properly before you go

    The 'Remote' router must be in a DHCP mode, and it will work through a double NAT situation if there is already a DHCP router at the 2nd home that you must use for whatever reason

    It is recommended to set up both routers with the same account to make Teleport management easier

    Make sure to have Remote Access management enabled on your 'Home' router

    After you establish the Teleport connection, if you need your remote Teleport client to see local devices on your 'Home' network, then you need to use the AmpliFi app to access your 'Home' router and enable 'Local Network Access' for the connection
    Otherwise the remote Teleport client will only be able to access the Internet through your 'Home' router, which may be what you actually want for security reasons, if you are only doing things like video streaming from OTT media services

  • Thanks very much. Should be in Tues I'm sure I'll be asking more questions then. I'll set both up at home and bring to 2nd location after the fact.

  • How would I set up 2nd router just activate under app? Trying to get this figured out thanks.

  • Hi @mrshady - you will want to set up the 2nd router as a new installation in DHCP mode, using the same account as the primary 'Home' router you installed in Bridge mode

    You in can install it behind an existing router so it enters into a double NAT situation

    This should be the same process as the primary 'Home' router where you probably installed it and then enabled Bridge mode, but in this case, leave it as DHCP

    Can you test the 2nd router at another location where you it can pull an IP address and access the internet?

    If yes, then you should be able to test Router-to-Router Teleport

    I don't recall if you can test Router-to-Router at the same location, with one router (Home) in Bridge mode and one router (Remote) in DHCP mode double NAT'd behind the same gateway - maybe @UI-AmpliFi can advise?

    Since the AmpliFi backend cloud service facilitates the connection it may balk at both being behind the same public IP address

    In any case, if both routers are working, one Bridge and one DHCP double NAT, then you should be able to take the 2nd router anywhere you can get Internet access and Teleport back Home

    You can also use the Teleport app on an Android or iOS device and confirm Teleport is working to the Home router in Bridge mode

  • PS - make sure you are using different subnets for each installation

    And if you are trying to test at the same location, different SSID's as well...

  • Thanks. I was able to set both up no issues . I have a 2nd modem I was able to use and was able to test out parts of the teleporting. Tonight will be the test when I go to my 2nd place which is a different ISP shouldnt be a issue. Thanks very much.

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