2.4 GHz not broadcasting

  • Has anybody else had this issue? All of sudden around noon today anything that was connected to the Alien via 2.4ghz just disconnected. I have rebooted and factory reset but it doesn't do anything it seems it just stopped working. 5ghz is fine the problem is so many things in my house still only use 2.4ghz, if anyone has a solution I would really appreciate it. I will be really disappointed if I need to RMA again. I just got this Alien back from the last RMA in July, previous alien had the constant reboot bug. This is such a let down, i really love the alien but for $400 i really expect much more.

  • @AR-GC If you turn on an additional SSID with 2.4Ghz will a device connect to it?

  • @AR-GC If you use the mobile app and create a 2.4GHz only network, can your devices detect and connect to that network?

  • I have had this issue since 3.4.1, and have reported it multiple times, but support fails to come out and say it's a known issue.

  • @Mike-P We have recognized this as a reported issue, but we have not yet been able to replicate in testing environments or identify the issue based on support files, so the more information we can gather via support files the better to identify the root cause.

  • @UI-AmpliFi So you basically your saying don't expect it to be fixed in the next firmware release either. smh You guys were on the firmware in the beginning of the Alien release, but now it is apparent it's not a priority any more.

  • @UI-AmpliFi creating an additional 2.4 doesn’t work and isn’t found by any of my devices.

  • @AR-GC I usually just toggle the additional 2.4GHz SSID toggle on, then off and that works unless you reboot the Alien. Change the SSID to something different than your main SSID so you know it is broadcasting. BTW for me, because I have two Aliens in mesh the issue only occurs on the main router and not the mesh unit.

  • @AR-GC It could be hardware related, or it could be something in the firmware we still need to identify and apply a fix for once found. If you could generate a support file from your Alien when you are experiencing this issue, we may be able to identify it and give you recommendations for the next step. Whether its another RMA or wait for a patch.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I'm in the Me Too category for this issue. 2.4 GHz is not broadcasting at all. I have turned off Common SSID and named the 5/2.4 Separately. Running Firmware version 3.4.0. 3.4.1. is not available to update on my Alien yet.

    • Toggled on additional SSID 2.4 GHz I see the new SSID.
    • Turn on common SSID and then toggle off. Still no 2.4 GHz is seen.
    • Unplugged the Alien and the 2.4 GHz is now broadcasting.

    I have generated three support files and emailed to myself.
    Support file 1 is in the state where no 2.4 GHz is seen
    Support file 2 is where additional 2.4 SSID is turned on and seen
    Support file 3 is after the reboot where all is working normally and the 2.4 is broadcasting.
    If you think these files will be helpful I can send them to support. If not I'll send them to File 13

  • @UI-AmpliFi Well I have two different hardware versions and If I make the mesh unit the main router then I have that issue with that router. So I am only aware of two hardware versions because when I got a Warranty exchange for another issue I got the newer hardware version. The issue is still present regardless.

  • I have a brand new one I got from doing an Rma. It still does it after I reboot. I have sent them logs when it happened and they can’t figure it out.

    So here is what is going on with mine exactly.

    1. I login to the router and 2.4ghz is fine.
    2. I reboot the router because it’s been up for 3 weeks. (I like to reboot it every once and a while)
    3. After reboot 2.4ghz does not come up.
    4. I reboot again and this time it comes up. This happens every time.

  • I’m having the same issue. It’s quite annoying since most of my smartphone stuff works via 2.4ghz. No matter

    I tried rebooting multiple times.
    I tried enabling/disabling the separate SSIDs for 2,4ghz
    I tried creating a whole separate additional 2,4ghz SSID

    Nothing works, meaning I can’t use my smartphone devices that run on 2,4ghz

  • Well...

    I tried rebooting from within the app multiple times without success. Finally I tried disconnecting the power to see if that would help. And yes it did!

    Based on this and going back into the series of events that transpired for me when the issue occurred I found that the router utilizes 2 different reboot/startup methods that can mess up the activation of the 2,4GHz radios.

    I suggest @UI-AmpliFi checks out the software method that handles the reboot used when activated it from within the app (manually or after a major settings change).

    It seems that the software reboot activated from within the app is different versus the startup reboot that activates when a power disconnect is done. When a software initiated reboot is done, in some cases the radios for 2,4GHz are started.
    While for a reboot based on a startup after power loss it does seem to start.

  • I have the same problem. The 2.4 GHz does not show at all, rebooting via app or power disconnection does not make a difference. It gets annoying with our smoke detectors needing the 2.4 GHz...
    Is there a solution to this issue yet?

  • I also have the same problem. Rebooting and power cycling by unplugging the power cord does not seem to help. I'm still not able to see a 2.4GHZ signal. Please @UI-AmpliFi get a team to solve this problem instead of ignoring the multiple complaints. I have also tried the additional 2.4Ghz SSID, tried changing bands, channels, renaming, and nothing seems to work.

  • @Hielko @fernaylin

    Here are my settings, maybe it can help you out.


    • Network type "DHCP"
    • Enabled "UPNP"
    • Disabled "Clone Mac Address"
    • Disabled "VLAN ID"
    • Disabled "IPv6"
    • Disabled "Bridge Mode"


    • Disabled "Common SSID Name" and gave the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz two distinct names
    • WPA2SK security
    • Country "United States" (I'm in the Netherlands, but some routers output more power when set to the USA"
    • Disabled "Band Steering"
    • Disabled "Router Steering"
    • 2,4Ghz "automatic" enabled
    • Channel 1
    • Bandwidth 20Mhz


    • Gateway mask "10.0"

    Maybe good to note as well

    • I enabled and disabled the additional SSID between reboots
    • When removing the power plug I waited for 1 minute

  • @AR-GC I have had the same problem, but my 5G common band quits working.

  • @Lennard-Schoemaker Thank you Lennard!! I was about to lose my mind having reset the alien to factory settings 3 times in an attempt to get the 2.4GHZ radios to start working again. The router said the 2.5ghz networks were working but no devices could see them. I had also rebooted using software. I've also tried a ton of different settings with sep ssid's, etc.

    First rule in tech support - restart (and maybe unplug first). Now all of the radios are up. My alien had only been in use for about 2-3 days and the 2.4ghz networks disappeared. Also the wifi6 disappeared. I could only see the wifi5 networks. It's an amazing piece of tech when it's working but I was close to giving up on the hardware and software.

  • A heads up for those still having this issue. I came across this problem today with my new Alien. Physically rebooting after creating the network fixed it when software reboots did not.

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