Private Wifi Addresses

  • Hi, just upgraded to iOS 14 and notice that it tells me my AMPLIFI Alien network is not set up to allow a private WiFi address which can decrease cross network tracking of devices.

    Not seeing a setting for this which is obvious to me and Amplifi support says this feature is not supported.
    So, feature request.

  • weird, it works ok for me... 🤔 can you post a screenshot of your network settings so that the amplifi team can see it? (i'm curious too 😛 )

  • I'm sure something goofy is going on with my settings somewhere, but could be the phone. I really didn't put in time to go thru the details in the Alien manual to be sure everything was correct. The picture montage shows what I am seeing on my iPhone (iPhone X, iOS 14.01) which indicates the network is blocking encrypted addresses. However, my daughter's iPhone 11 does NOT give this warning, nor does my wife's iPhone SE. Kind of baffled, but this might be an iPhone X issue...0_1602553573493_selected_Montaged_Screen_Shots.jpg

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