Wifi dropping intermittently for all devices

  • For months I have had the problem that my home internet stops working entirely for 10-20 seconds at a time. It may have happened also before that, but since I'm working from home during Covid, I notice it much more.

    The internet starts working again within a few seconds, without intervention.

    It used to be every hour or two, but today it is like every 5-10 minutes. And even when it is working, it is very slow. (The mobile app says .6Mbps down, .1Mbps up as I write this.)

    It is driving me and my family nuts. Does not affect my cable boxes or Netflix on the cable boxes, so I think it is Amplifi. I have updated all firmware on the main hub.

    I have tried to call the help phone number, but it is a useless message that just says to use the support website, which would have been completely unacceptable a couple years ago but now seems par for the course for companies like this one. I tried online chat with "Bobby", but after 30 minutes "Bobby" still hasn't answered anything I've typed.

    Who has ideas on what I should try? Thanks.

  • @Keith-Fulton-0 If you launch the AmpliFi mobile app, you can see the total time AmpliFi has been up and running. Does it show like it has been recently reset? When this drop happens, does the LCD screen show any errors? You can generate support files from your system for our developers to view to see if we can identify the issue for you.

  • @UI-AmpliFi the mobile app says "everything is great" and then under it says "10 days, 21 hr" which I would assume is latest continuous uptime, right? I think that timeframe is about the last time I upgraded the firmware when I tried to troubleshoot this myself. The firmware version is now 3.4.2, incidentally.

    I emailed off the tar file you requested. Look for my name on an inbound email, I guess.

  • @Keith-Fulton-0 Perfect!

  • Were you able to get this resolved? I have the same issue on mine ever since 3.4.1. I’m currently on 3.4.2 and continue to just have random dropouts sometimes with my HD LCD screen showing there is a problem. The error on the screen doesn’t always appear but the dropouts probably happen Anywhere between 6 to 12 times an hour. It’s pretty frustrating to work from home and keep having your remote connections pause. My device even struggles with basic Microsoft teams calls even when I have incoming video and my video disabled, I.e voice only.

    This happens to me both on wired and Wi-Fi connections

  • I have 3.4.2 and continually have problems just like others are describing. It's rather frustrating. My daughter manages several youtube channels and continually has trouble uploading files. I know my internet is fine because from a wired connection I can do speedtests at 400mb every time. It's just the wifi ones that have issues and it wasn't like this a few months ago.

  • I'm having the same damn issue and I'm getting tired of it. I just bought this product after reading how great it is. Bought the mesh, and another HD to run as a mesh. Low and behold, one of my mesh points didn't work...and it is an old version. Who the hell sells me an old version? Straight from the manufacturer store? Now, every day, three to four times a day, all "mesh" items just stop transmitting. Anything connected to the main router, via ethernet, works just fine. So this isn't an internet provider issue..this is a Ubiquiti Issue.

    I need some help to straighten this out, and some assurance that this will be resolved via a software update.

  • @chrisneudecker Hello!
    We are very sorry that you have to experience such issues. Please contact our support and we will help you with your specific case. Contact support

  • This continues to happen to me as well. Latest firmware has done nothing to improve the situation. It's hard to appreciate how little Ubiquiti seems to care about resolving this. I have spent more than $700 on my mesh system and am coming close to ripping it all out in favor of one that doesn't randomly drop wifi. I NEVER have any issues with the wired connections on the router. It is only wifi that drops randomly. I have a "backup" cable modem/router whose wifi connection continues to work while the Ubiquiti is down so I know that it is not an issue with my service provider. Please fix this!

  • Hi, everyone. This same issue recently started occurring on my network. I've had the network for about 2 years. Worked flawlessly up to this point.

    i've been going back and forth with support the past few days and still have not found a fix.

    Anyone have better luck? I'd hate to have to dump this network and start over, but the connectivity failures are not tolerable at this stage.

  • I'm currently having the same issue where I'll receive random drops from Amplifi mesh network across wifi connected devices. I can see my cell phone bounce back and forth between connected and disconnected. At the same time, I'm getting various devices on the network disconnecting at the same time. I'm currently on 3.6.2.

  • @jb120 I experienced the same problems, combined with he strange fact that the static IP of some devices suddenly become random?..
    While transferring from NAS to MacBook pro or vice versa it connection also stops a few times. I can’t have these things ☹ It makes me distrust the trustworthy functionality of the AMPLIFI Aliën
    The helpdesk should act pro active on this and numerous other problems, some problems dates back from the early start. The reaction is mostly copy/paste
    I had high hopes, but i wouldn’t recommend it to others right now, the software is in a constant beta modus, firmware upgrades are rare to almost none.
    Theo Netherlands

  • @1961Theo Hello, we are sorry that you are having these issues. Please contact our support team and attach support file. In the description please list which clients (MAC address) changed the IP randomly when you have set the IP manually.
    Thank you!

  • @UI-AmpliFi The ip numbers are the following, dito 3, dito 6 and the one from my MacBook Pro. I currently don’t have the number available because it’s set off. Because it’s 00.12 evening.
    At the moment I’ve got problems slightly bigger then the static ip changing into random. Best seems to me to you chair a solution in this group combined with the other problem: the WiFi fall out coincidentally also at random moments. Why is it impossible to make a a solid working router if where talking about firmware, given the amount I paid for the router and mesh. Don’t you have a brand to uphold?
    Normally I don’t complain but wpa3, waiting since ……. It’s shameful

  • My wifi has been stable for a year now. Two things changed: I got a whole new Ubiquity router after returning the first one under the warranty period. And my ISP came out to my house and found a problem with the connection between my house and the outside world--I don't know specifically what they found or did, but they did something, and it got better. Once both of these were done, I've had no other issues and I like the router again.

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