Max SSID Count

  • I just wanted to clarify something before I dive into an amplifi mesh system (coming from orbi mesh). My reason for switching is I have problems with orbi and my smart home devices. Orbi doesn't natively support splitting ssid and i can't update the firmware on it without having to resplit the ssid in telnet.
    My questions:

    • How many ssid max can the amplifi system handle. I see you can split the networks, but I am confused if it is 5 max (one with 2.4 and 5, one just 2.4, one just 5, one guest 2.4, one guest 5) or 4 where once you split the network, there is no having a unified network as well. I just want to know the max possible ssid count. I really want a main network and then a hidden 2.4 network for my smarthome, but a guest network appears to only allow a max of 10 devices
    • Is there any kind of router antimalware solution like bitdefender?

  • @russellstark I am splitting a couple of my mesh points to separate out the 2.4Ghz radios for smart home devices. Much more reliable it turns out. Doing this is just a slid switch action in the app.

  • @russellstark Every option to split or generate an additional SSID will still maintain the same network, so devices on the 2.4Ghz only band can still communicate with devices on the dual band and so forth. The only different network that can be generated is the Guest Network.

    You can split the network in many ways, a depending on how many mesh points you have. The primary router can broadcast a common SSID and contain them all, or it can be split into two different broadcasts (2.4Ghz and 5GHz WiFi-6) Then you can create an additional broadcast for the 2.4 WiFi-6, 5Ghz WiFi-6 and 5Ghz legacy radio. So from the primary router, it can have max of 6 broadcasts. Each of the splits can also be performed at each MeshPoint, and by using different SSID's, multiple variations can be created at each location. Configuring SSID's.

    AmpliFi does have a built in firewall, but no 3rd party integration of an anti-malware.

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