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  • I nearly boxed this up and sent it back, not because its no good, in fact its very good, but the main reason I purchased this was to reduce bufferbloat/latency/lag across the gaming network when several devices are using bandwidth.

    After setting this up, I was keen to see what results could be had on the DSL Reports speed test, which also tests for bufferbloat. I was very disappointed when I saw the bufferbloat dial rise to over 300ms during upload and download!!!

    Now, here is the problem with this device if you have a ISP connection less than 100mbps. The Latency priority will NOT work. Why? Because when you enable the Latency priority, out of the box, it is designed to work with 100mbps connections or above.

    Here is whats written in the Amplifi App under the Priority option; "Using Latency as priority your speed is capped at 100 Mbps for optimized latency performance."

    That of course is absolutely useless if your ISP gives you less than 100mbps. The Latency optimization will not be triggered and your networks bufferbloat/latency/lag will be very high when lots of devices are using bandwidth.

    But you can make the latency priority work with connections that have less than 100mbps by logging into the web interface of the Amplifi itself, probably if you haven't changed the LAN IP settings.

    Login with the password you set during the initial setup and note the section that has QOS Settings. It will most likely be pre-filled with the speed test results when you enabled Latency priority. Mine was 78064 kbps download, and 18567 kbps upload.

    All you need to do is reduce those numbers. You will need to reduce by around 20 to 30 percent of the figures that are shown initially. I set mine to 52500 down, and 13500 up.

    Now when you run a speed test on DSL Reports, delight in seeing next to no bufferbloat!

    Obviously this will reduce your overall download and upload speed, but WILL resolve bufferbloat/latency/lag!

    Now I dont need to send the box back and all the gamers on my network are happy!

  • @TR1PL3D Thank you for the detailed breakdown and explanation of your situation. Im very glad you were able to find a solution by modifying the latency settings. If anyone is in need of a step by step guide, we have provided this article about the Gamer's Edition Latency Mode.

  • @TR1PL3D great information as I adjusted my QOS to 986000 download and 27000 upload on a 1000/30 subscription. Now I am getting nothing but A+ or A on DSLreports speed test. Before the change I was getting B and C grades on bufferbloat. That small change made a huge difference.

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