Simple “Block” list vs always-on Parental Control “Pause”

  • I have a growing number of “smart“ devices on my network, and many of them seem to really, really want to connect to their manufacturers’ servers, and I don’t want them to. For example, there is no earthly reason why my thermostat needs to phone home.

    I understand, if I’m using Alexa or Google that their servers connect to Amazon/Google servers for me. But if I’m not (if I’m not using automation for that device, or if I’m using Apple’s HomeKit which does not work off of their servers but rather my own kit on my own network), The manufacturer of my thermostat doesn’t need to know my temperature settings, the maker of my door locks doesn’t need to know when I lock and unlock them, etc.

    Currently, the only way to still access these devices on my network but block them from phoning home is to use Parental Controls and “pause“ those devices.

    The thing is, that’s way too easy to accidentally unpause, and it belies the purpose. This isn’t “oh kids, time to go do your homework now,“ this is “these devices have this permanent restriction.” This kind of setting should not be easy to accidentally toggle, and should not have a potential of error of having a schedule attached to it. The schedule is “always“.

  • @Prospective-Customer Thank your for the suggestion! It is currently not on our list of approved new features, but I will add your vote to this request.