Teleport for macOS?

  • I don’t see any mention of teleport being available for macOS. I appreciate that it’s available for my phone, but it sounds move valuable for my laptop. Any word of ETA on a macOS teleport?

  • @Prospective-Customer This feature has been requested but not approved or being implemented. The primary reason for this is because we have a solution for all laptops, desktops and other non mobile devices by using the Teleport Router to Router feature. I will add your vote to this request.

  • @UI-AmpliFi the only issue with that is it does not work in bridge mode.

  • @UI-AmpliFi the AmpliFi routers are for consumer use. The core use case for consumers wanting to use the VPN server with macOS and Windows is the same for iOS and Android, which is to use it over a public Wi-Fi connection when they aren't home. The suggestion that "Router to Router" is the answer to this would mean that one would need to plugin and setup an AmpliFi router at a Starbucks or an airport, and then connect their laptop computer to it. That's not a solution at all for anyone. It's convoluted and unworkable.

    The request is to add support to macOS and Windows the same way there is support for mobile devices. AmpliFi currently does not have a solution to that. To say otherwise is false and a complete misunderstanding of what your customers are asking for.

  • @henshaw Agreed. To suggest the Teleport Router to Router feature as a solution completely misses the goals of being a consumer product.

  • @Mark-Miller exactly.

    I think AmpliFi made it for one reason and didn't understand why people would actually want to use it. My guess is that they thought people needed to have a VPN to their home network just so they could access files via their phones and tablets. In reality, the main use case for most consumers is having a VPN period. Being able to access the LAN is considered an added bonus. What consumers really want is a VPN they can use when they're accessing the internet on public networks. I wish they would understand this because it's a huge selling point. It would do away with the need to subscribe to a VPN service, and you get the added bonus of using your own equipment and being able to access your home network.

  • @Prospective-Customer For some reason Teleport is not working for me.
    Bridge Mode
    It times out with this massage: “Connection failed (1001)”

    Im using 2 Amplifi Alien

  • This is quite disappointing. I've had my Alien for a few days now and was quite excited to get the VPN up and going, but if I can't use it with my Mac, it looks like I'll be disabling it instead.

  • +1 for Teleport app for OSX and Windows (and Linux!). This is the most basic use case for VPN ... to be able to connect to home network from remote locations with my laptop to access files, etc. This is way more important (for me at least) than to VPN to my home network using my phone. Please implement this ASAP!

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