Any idea why my Rokus all connect to device furthest away?

  • I have a main HD and also a RAMP using WiFi backbone. Ever since the 3.4.2 update my Roku devices are all connecting to the device furthest away and guessing it's causing buffering problems. My office Roku connects to the Basement RAMP 2 stories below and my basement Roku connects to the main HD in my office. I have 802.11k and 802.11v both enabled.

    Any idea on why this is happening starting with 3.4.2?

  • @estesbubba Devices make the final decision on where they want to connect. With devices that have a static location, you can power cycle the device to give it an opportunity to re-select a location. If it does maintain a connection to the further point, it could be a source of interference near the RaMP that is not providing a great signal for the Roku device.

    Another test to confirm the theory of the firmware causing this issue, you can perform a Firmware Rollback and test using the previous version you were using.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Here's something interesting. First turning off the 802.11 options didn't make a difference so I turned them back on. Next I changed one Roku from connecting to the additional SSID to the primary and it connected to the Amplifi closest. Then I did the same on the downstairs one and it connected to the RAMP which is also downstairs.

    I've power cycled both of them several times on different days and they always end up on the wrong Amplifi's. This didn't happen on the previous firmware. Now that I've changed them to connect to the main SSID they are behaving as they should.

  • @estesbubba I am not extremely familiar Roku devices, so I do not know if they remember multiple network credentials or if they have to be manually switched whenever you need them to connect to a new SSID.

    If they do not have any network memory, then connecting them to a MeshPoints Additional SSID (if that SSID is unique compared to other MeshPoints and the router) then it would never switch sources because it only remembers the last network SSID given. Could this also be why connecting to the primary network works, where it does not when on additional SSID's?

  • @UI-AmpliFi Roku devices only remember 1 SSID and they were all connected to myssid-5G and that's when they would connect to the furthest away HD. Once I changed them to connect to the primary myssid they all connected to the HD they should have which is strange.

    My additional SSID are the same on the main HD and the RAMP.

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