Unable to access router (through app) when internet offline

  • Hi,

    I had a problem recently whereby my internet was down at my ISP's end and I was unable to use the Amplifi app to access the routers on the internal network. I could access the webpage to get status so I knew my router was working properly.

    I wanted to disable the wifi so that I could create a hotspot using the same SSID.

    I'm guessing the app needs to make an internet connection on load however because the wifi was up but the phone was providing internet through 4G, the app couldn't handle that.

    Has anyone else seen this before? It must be pretty rare but it feels like a bug that should be fixed.

  • @Andy-Wilson You should be able to access the router via the app without an active connection to the internet (this is how the diagnose feature can be used to help identify issues) If you have a VPN enabled on your phone however, it will only connect with remote access enabled and when your local internet goes down, the app will not load unless the VPN is disabled. Could this be why your mobile app would not load?

  • Hmm, there's no VPN on my phone however I have my ISP router in modem mode and am using Amplifi to provide DHCP. I thought that perhaps the app was unable to access the Amplifi because of a routing problem (due to the DHCP) but thinking about it more I can't see why that would be an issue.

    I suppose if I was really keen to test this I could disable my internet connection...

  • @Andy-Wilson by any chance is your isp gateway using the same SSID as your Alien?

    I ask this because I had the same exact issue as you with Comcast. I made the mistake of naming the WiFi on my Comcast gateway the same as my Alien upon initial set up of a new Comcast gateway. I disabled the WiFi on the gateway and put the gateway in bridge mode. All was fine but then there was a Comcast outage in my area and when service was back up, I couldn’t access the AMPLIFI app.

    After an hour, I decided to log into the gateway to check for any errors and sure enough, the gateway was no longer in bridge mode and was broadcasting the WiFi SSID that was the same as my Alien. My phone was connecting to the gateway SSID and not my Alien SSID. Changed the SSID on the Comcast gateway to something different and then disabled the WiFi and put the gateway back into bridge mode. Finally I was able to access the app again.

    Did some research on my issue and saw on Reddit and Comcast forum that several peoples Comcast gateway have reverted from bridge mode after an outage and also a service upgrade.

    Now recently, in the past couple weeks, we’ve been experiencing fires here in northern CA. Comcast has been up and down weekly which has been a pain monitoring internet connection. Several times during these outages, I’ve noticed the SSID on the Comcast gateway being broadcasted and had to go back into the gateway and set it to bridge mode again.

    This has been my experience but figured I’d share with you.

  • @Andy-Wilson Can you try turning off mobile data on your phone? I've had this problem forever and just now found this workaround. Oneplus 6t on Android 10.

  • @Jason-May interesting idea about the SSID but I'm not using Comcast and I've checked and my ISP modem hasn't switched back to router mode.

    @Jakob-Smirnov I didn't try that but it sounds like it might work. I'm going to simulate an outage by unplugging the modem, ensure that I can't access the Amplifi through the app and then try disabling my mobile data in the hope that I can then connect.

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