Guest network still "broadcasting"

  • Hi Guys!

    Please help me if you can!:

    in my Amplifi HD settings, my guest network is OFF.
    But if I analyse my networks I can still see my guest network SSID based on MAC address (with and without hide guest SSID setting).

    Can I turn it off completely? or is it a bug should I report it?

    Thank you for your time and your answer!

  • @locspocs said in Guest network still "broadcasting":

    But if I analyse my networks I can still see my guest network SSID based on MAC address

    Networks from the AmpliFi can be seen using a network scan utility even if they are not enabled and usable. These broadcasts include the guest and wireless backhaul.

  • @locspocs said in Guest network still "broadcasting":

    But if I analyse my networks I can still see my guest network SSID

    I had seen the same thing with my Alien when I did a scan as well. I was confused by this but realized that these are not active networks and will always appear in scan results but not in your wifi network list.

  • @UI-AmpliFi
    Thank you for your answer!:

    Just to be clear:
    the guest and the wireless backhaul networks use the same channel as the main network
    while "running in the background".

    Doesn't it overload the channel what they are on (its 2-3 times the channel use)?
    because with this I can see in the analyser that they overlap each other!?

    For me it means that Amplifi still broadcasting those networks "kind of hidden"
    without a possibility to turn it off completely.

    What am I missing ( as far as I know overlapping networks are always worse)?
    That is why I wanted to turn it off.
    Or is it a software or a hardware problem that it can't work separately?

    Thank you!

  • @locspocs @UI-AmpliFi will have to explain the details but those networks aren’t broadcasting and cause no interference. When I do that scan I see others in my building with Fios routers with those same networks, guest I assume. But none are picked up by any device so don’t cause an issue.

  • @John-Pappas
    Thank you for your effort to trying to help!

    I checked multiple third party app and in all I could "see" the hidden networks.

    If the a "aren't broadcasting" how could I do that?
    (if you are talking about that it does not broadcast data is correct).

    But the problem is still there, that multiple networks use the same channel.
    I never heard about that multiple networks only cause interference in the same channel if somebody using all of them at the same time.

    These hidden networks using the same channels and broadcasting that "we are here" and using this channel too.

    Or only data matters with overlapping networks whether it cause interference or not?

  • @locspocs As I said someone else will have to go into the technical details. But as you can see yourself on your devices or computers none of those networks are seen in your WiFi list. The networks that could interfere , such as your neighbors, will be listed. Those are what your WiFi receiver is picking up and if those are strong enough and on the same channel they could interfere with you. None of those duplicate networks that your scan app picks up are being seen or received by your device or computer therefore no interference. Who cares what the scan app sees, other than to know what channel your Alien is using, you don’t connect to WiFi through that app. It’s irrelevant. I only use mine if my Alien has been restarted and only to see what channel the Alien is now using. The rest gets ignored.

  • @locspocs I normally have my Guest network turn off so I turned it on. Using WiFi Explorer it became visible. I let it stay on for about 5 minutes then stopped the Guest network and after 5 minutes it was still visible in WiFi Explorer. I then closed and reopened WiFi Explorer and the Guest network was no longer visible.

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