Wifi 6 speeds VERY slow

  • I have contacted support and figured it may be worth while to post here.

    I ordered this router a little under a month ago and I think I may need to return it for something more reliable at getting the advertised speeds and ranges. I was never able to get even close to the ranges advertised by the alien unit. Ever since last week I have seen an insane drop in performance in all Wifi 6 radios. I paid for 1000mbps but only can pull down 500mbps on my i-pad pro with Wifi5. Wifi6 is not useable. There isnt anything between the modem and router FYI

    I have done 3 factory resets this morning.
    Split up all the common networks and tested each (thats how I know the 5ghz wifi6 signals are the main issue)
    right now everything is wired into a larger switch I have running off of it and using Wifi5 for everything else.

    This feels like the product of a recent update I hope to be resolved soon. Any idea what it could be ? It feels like it worked much better out of the box just 3 weeks ago.

  • @Jason-Walker-0 said in Wifi 6 speeds VERY slow:

    but only can pull down 500mbps on my i-pad pro with Wifi5

    Those speeds for a WiFi-5 device are expected, WiFi-6 devices can achieve greater speeds, but even with WiFI-6 getting near full gig wirelessly is still not really achievable.

    When you contacted support, were you requested to submit a support file? We as developers can use these support files to try and find exact causes for specific issues and we may be able to help identify any reasons for a reduction in performance.

  • this looks like the same problem what i sometimes have with my wifi 6 devices here.. (iphone 11 pro and ipad pro 2020).. 🤔 so yes, send them support files... login into your alien router.. go to support.. and click on download support info 😉

  • I have the same issue with WiFi 6. ATM getting 150 Mbps out of 1G. Sent the file support files twice and all I got was that the issue will be fixed in the future updates.
    Basically owning an Alien now it defeats the WiFi 6 purpose. I'll be happy to get at least 500-600 mbps on WiFi 6. As of now I just gave up on using WiFi 6 at all.

  • Fwiw, this is what I'm getting on a 2x2 wifi 6 client (S10).

  • @maratonomak Can you please send me a DM with your support ticket numbers so I can research this further for you.

  • @UI-AmpliFi DM sent. Thanks for checking.

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  • @UI-AmpliFi

    @UI-AmpliFi thanks for getting back to me. I wasn’t requested to grab a file from the routers logs but if you steer me in the right direction I can grab and post it I hear you in terms of not achieving max speeds. Currently if I were to do a hard reset and use common ssid and run a speed test. I find I’m near 700mbps straight out the modem, same speed wired from aliens switch. The wireless speeds stay at about 30mbps down and 8 up.

    If I split the radios with different ssids and test them I find that I can get useable speeds (300-500 down) but not for any radio labeled WiFi6 in the wireless settings. If I enable and connect to those I get the 30mbps down speeds I mentioned. I pay for 1gb and I understand these are not reliable figures , but at this point I would settle for a reliable 300down 14 up type speed.

    Would screenshots of the ui help here ? I went into the support setting and downloaded the logs. Here they are.

    Support File

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  • Received an update from support. My logs show that the alien is being congested by other networks. I’ve plugged the google WiFi back in for now until the firmware that fixes the issue is released. Also important to note I ran and grabbed an amplifi hd kit (with the two mesh units) from bestbuy plugged it in and got worse performance than the Alien. Currently my older mesh system functions better than both amplifi products I own. An expensive lesson, but it’s been learned just the same. Hope none of you find yourself down this road

  • Same here,
    Wifi 5 is ok, wifi 6 is 200mb/s out of 1.5Gb.
    All I get from Tier 3 tech- we are working on it. Tey answer 1 email a day... If at all... The conversation with them can go forever!!!!
    I love the Alien, but I think I'll have to return it,
    Bought the Asus AX11000 few days ago to compare, 500-600mb on wifi 6 no problem.

    The more I read- the more I see unsatisfied customers.

    Too bad. Alien is ome of the most beautiful routers out there.

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