Ethernet Backhaul messing things up [solved]

  • first of all, I love the product in terms of experience and mesh possibilities.

    I am having an issue though. I have two Amplifi Router HDs in my home. One on the ground floor (living Room, router) and one on the second level (attic, mesh/AP). Both are running the latest firmware (2.4.3). In Wifi mesh mode they operate fine. But when I connect them through ethernet (there's a switch in between) it's where the trouble starts. The signal drops like crazy. I have an ISP connection of 100/100, but I barely get 17/0 on both Wifi and ethernet (Mobile/PC) and I cannot even get a single webpage to load. Often I cannot connect to my Amplifi AP on the attic through the app, only when I'm on the ground floor. This one is also trying to connect for too long when rebooting, I have to reboot again without ethernet to get it back online. I even reset both devices twice, without improvement. It's messing with my Wifi signal, completely shutting me out. I checked all my cables and individually they run perfectly fine. So it's starting to look like either the wan port on the second router is malfunctioning or there's something wrong with the firmware. When I put the second device back to mesh, everything runs ok again.

    Did anybody else experience this behaviour? Are there any know ethernet backhaul issues? I searched the forum but couldn't find this issue anywhere. Would it be worth it to try the beta firmware?

  • Update: As it turned out, the order of hooking up both routers and modem to each other was the culprit. I had my modem in the wan port of the switch and both Amplifi routers in the other link ports. Apparently they can't communicate this was and threw of the whole network. So, I connected my modem directly to Amplify A (main router) and connected Amplify A to the wan port of the switch. Now Amplify B (mesh AP) is working fine with a nice throughput. It's been running fine for a few hours now, I'll keep this post updated if anything changes.