Need some help getting Mesh to work

  • I have set up the main Alien Wifi router into our Google Fiber router and it seems to be getting decent speeds - almost 300 Meg. Then I put the Mesh on the 2nd floor and connected it to a Google Fiber TV set-top box which has a hard-wired RJ45 internet port (that should delivered 100 Meg). I see the mesh on the Amplifi app - looks ok. But when I do a speed test near mesh I get like 3 meg download speeds and 0 upload. So, something is wrong? Any ideas why it appears that then Mesh is not doing anything?

  • @Peter-Long If you are doing the speed test with the Amplifi app use one of the following and see what the results are.

    The speed test in the Amplifi app is known to not be accurate.

  • I am using an app called speedcheck - I am pretty sure it is correct because if you try to do anything in there (the room with the Mesh) it is pretty slow and drops the connection and is not good. So the Mesh is not putting out a good signal. Yet on the Amplifi app it shows a good connection and signal - (if you click on the mesh icon
    and look at the stats).

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