Wifi Signal

  • I recently got the Amplifi Alien and I have been getting really bad signal I am not even that far away from the router and I keep getting 3 or even sometimes 2 on my current phone the S9+ which has a max of 4 bars, in my iphone xs which has a max of 3 bars I get 2 bars. I also the signal starts jumping bars from 3 to 2 or from 4 to 3 bars. The only way to have full bars is to be really close to the router like inforont of it, also where live is only 200meters. Before having this router I had a linksys ea9500 and then I had a linksys velop ax and with both routers I had full wifi signal all of my apartment and was always at full bars in all my devices but when I got the Amplfi this changed and don't know why, I already sent support logs via email and chatted via the app with a person from amplfi and none of the things they told me to do fixed my router. @UI-AmpliFi how can this be fixed is this a normal problem that will happen in all routers? If I am paying 400$ for a router I am at least wanting it to be better than my last router which was the linksys ea9500 which was 4y old.

  • @Penchito-Martinez What is the environment like? Is the ambient noise level pretty high for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz?

  • @UI-AmpliFi the noise is at normal levels also yesturday the router was giving me 100mbps instead lf the 500mps and I conected the cable from my isp to my computer to test the speed and I has 500mbps, I did a factory reset and my internet speed in the router went up to 500mbps. I chated vía the app and talked about my problem and the said my problem was moved to tier 2

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