Wired traffic not routing internally but wireless does work??

  • I have a web server on my local network. I've observed that if my desktop is wireless my websites load, but if I'm wired I have limited access. I've done the typical flush DNS and reboot of the desktop. tracert resolves to my public ip. On my phone, working on mobile data to ensure I'm outside of my network, the websites load fine. To me there seems to be something that isn't routing the traffic on the wired LAN where the wireless traffic is working.

    Here's a matrix of tests I tried from my desktop attempting to visit the websites on my webserver.

    |                         | Wired | Wireless |
    | Accessible by Domain    |       | X        |
    | Accessible by local IP  | X     | X        |
    | Accessible by Public IP |       | X        |

    Seeing that I'm able to load the websites externally I know it's not a port forwarding rule.

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