Enable USB

  • Please enable the USB port! I've seen posts from 2017 asking for it - I am unable to use my USB storage I had on mu last router as well as hooking up a USB Printer.
    Thanks for considering.

  • @McFarkey "Activating the USB port on the AmpliFi HD is something we will not be doing at this time and is not on the list of future changes. There has been some confusion around this in the past, I am sorry for the confusion." This is still the current position for the USB port. Thanks.

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I am extremely disappointed as on my older (5 years old) router I had USB and had a USB printer at one point and then Storage to be used by all on my network.
    I had assumed (now badly) that having a USB port on a device means it works and I'm dead in the water with my storage which was critical at home.
    Now I'm going to look at returning my Amplifi HD and looking for something else. Every other brand has a USB for an device.

    Sorry to leave as I love the router.

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