How to remove Amplifi HD from gmail remote management?

  • I have two setups, one for two different houses. I no longer manage one remotely and would like to remove it from my google sign in that displays both amplifi HD in the remote devices app. Is there a way to do that on the phone?

  • @linkconger This article will show you how to remove remote management from your system. To remove it from the phone, the network needs to be offline and when you select that network it will prompt you to remove the network from your remote management.

  • @UI-AmpliFi When you say the network needs to be offline, what exactly do you mean? From what i have read I would need to be at the place in order to remove it.

  • @linkconger You do need to be connected to the network to remove remote management from the network itself, however if you would just like to remove it from your mobile phone and not the entire network (say you want to keep your google account active for a tablet, but just not your mobile phone anymore) then you can remove it from just the mobile device when the network is showing as "offline".

  • Yea i wont be going to that place any time soon. I need to remove it from remote accounts without being there

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