Getting HALF of advertised Up/Down Speeds - Other routers tested.

  • Hello fellow Amplifi friends! I am currently on my first Amplifi product with the Amplifi alien and a mesh unit with it.

    Currently, my setup is as follows:

    MODEM -> ETHERNET-> WALL PORT -> ETHERNET -> Amplify Alien

    My ISP Advertises 1GB up and down - I can confirm this is the speed I would get.
    Currently I get 450 down and 450 up on the built-in speed test on the alien device. However the "Mesh Speed Test" shows 1100Mbs. Can someone explain why the main device is only outputting the speed of 450Mbps? Is there some sort of setting to make it 1gb as the mesh speed test is showing? I've tested this with a Nighthawk and got 1gb down and up. However, the wifi broadcast was not long enough hence why I went with this product.

    If anyone has any ideas let me know.

    Also note that I am aware that mesh systems will cut speeds - I switched from google and was getting 600 Mbps in the living room. Now I am at 300 on wifi. (450 LAN).

  • @Knightyear

    Put the ethernet directly from your modem to WAN port on Alien, then run speed test. You should be getting the exact same speed as if you ran a speedtest from your ISP's modem diagnostics. The wireless mesh speeds are only testing data between Alien Mesh.

    If your getting full speeds from direct ethernet test possibly something wrong with your wallport.


  • @Mr-Frankie Test is complete. I am still showing 450 Mbps Up and Down. Any reason why "Mesh Speed Test" is showing a 1100mbps but my "speed test" is only showing 450bmps?

    Plugged in my Nighthawk to the wall and I am getting 1gb up and down.

  • @Knightyear The built-in app speed test is known not to be accurate. Try other speed tests such as:

  • @Knightyear
    I could be wrong here or misunderstanding... But the 1.1 Gbps you are seeing in between your mesh point and main router is the backhaul bandwidth limit (or what the system thinks it is.) It is not a measurement of your ISP speeds, it is measuring the possible throughput from your mesh point back to your main Alien router.

  • @Anthony_014 Thats correct, this is just showing the possible capacity not real throughput.

  • @UI-AmpliFi upgrade m’y ISP speed from 100mbps to 400. I have 2 Aliens (one as main, one as mesh) When my iPad is connected to the main Alien, I can easily get 400 mbps when testing with Speedtest. However, when the iPad is near and connected to the mesh Alien, the max I’m getting is 300mbps, even when the mesh speed test is at 1gig. Why is there a slowdown when the mesh is at Gig speed? Tried on FW 3.4.1 and on 3.4.3rc0, same results.


  • @René-Guitar
    If your mesh unit is connected wirelessly to the main router... You've gotta remember that there is overhead and inherent bandwidth loss over WiFi. Your signal strength to the mesh unit could be poor, could be interference, there are many reasons. You could expirement to see for yourself if you'd like... Take your mesh unit and move it around your home and run speed tests... You'll see some differences im sure unless your space is super tiny. Like sub 500 Sq. Ft. And no walls inside. Lol

  • @René-Guitar as @Anthony_014 states there is going to be some reduction in connection speed from a mesh unit. Previously in my home I had used a second Apple router to extend the network provided by my main Apple router, they were connected by WiFi. The available speeds were cut in half when I was connected to the second router. And I had few obstacles in between that would have posed much interference.

    The current mesh units improve upon that limitation but physics is still physics. Unless you can connect the two by ethernet there will be some amount of loss. Some have used ethernet over power line adapters to accomplish this when there isn’t ethernet already installed throughout a residence. I don’t know how effective they are. Personal my one Alien has broad enough coverage throughout my apartment that I do not need any additional units.

  • @Anthony_014 i »m aware of that, but loosing 25% when the mesh signal indicate a « perfect » connection is too much imho. I also moved the mesh Alien, it get worse. So you know what I did. I just make sur my iPad stay connected to the main Alien, but sitting right beside the Mesh alien (same environment, same distance. The IPad get the 400mpbs same result with the Mac mini in that room where the mesh unit is.

  • @John-Pappas Ethernet power line are even worse. I have one set that claim to achieve 1 gig, but the max I’m getting is 100 mbps. In this case physic is physic too and electrical network is no different than wifi in term of affecting bandwidth. It could more stable, but again ymmv.

    Getting a cat6 Cable up there is a real challenge. Will test it by having the 2 units closer, wired and wifi, to see if things are improving.

    Thanks for your input!

  • @René-Guitar Your testing the WAN speed so it is not possible to achieve 1Gbps even if the MeshPoint capacity is measured at 1Gbps your service is only 400Mbps.

  • @UI-AmpliFi i know that! So, how come I get only 200 mbps when connected to mesh point?

  • @René-Guitar Are you able to hardwire to the MeshPoint or is it one from a kit?

  • @UI-AmpliFi yes and if I use a dedicated 5ghz ssid, all is good. The problem is only, when using the « main » SSID for 2.4 ans 5ghz. This is weird.

  • @René-Guitar Can you tell when your connected to the main SSID is your phone at times connecting via the other device?

  • @René-Guitar Can you test this on 3.4.1?

  • @UI-AmpliFi On 3.4.0, same behavior. Will test later on 3.4.1 later today. (I'm not home at the moment)

  • @UI-AmpliFi upgrade to 4.3.1, same results.

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