• Hello,

    I just bought and returned an AmpliFi HD router because the speed was topping at 100 mb/s, no matter what i did.

    Sadly i did not read any info about the router online prior to buying it...if i would have seen the sheer number of complaints and issues regarding the 100 mb/s lock speed i would not have made this mistake!

    To anyone considering buying this piece of crap, don't.

  • @Razvan-Hurba What is your network setup? Who is your provider? Is the connection Fiber, Cable, DSL, etc?

  • Hi @Razvan-Hurba,

    It doesn’t sound very professional of you?

    Have you done any basic troubleshooting?

    Have you checked the interference of WiFi networks in your area???

    How is your house/apartment built? Wood, concrete?

    I have been running AmpliFi HD for more than two years with two mesh points and it works very well.

    No problem getting over 200 mbps on WiFi. I have 250/100 fiber connection.

    As many other I have been having problems with FW updates but after version 3.4.2 the system is rock solid for me and works very well.


  • @Razvan-Hurba The most common cause of a 100 Mbps cap in performance is an ethernet loop, or an ethernet port on AmpliFi auto negotiating to 100 due to a failing LAN device. We recommend also testing with all switches disconnected and testing speed as you reconnect devices one by one until the source of the auto negotiation problem can be discovered.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Another cause can be using Cat5 cable (not 5e or 6) somewhere in the system.

  • @Razvan-Hurba

    You didn’t research the product you bought?

    Sheer number of complaints out of how many sales?

  • 100mbit can be anything, it could be a broken wire in the cable or like what @Matthew-Leeds said.. 🤔

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Gofast That's an excellent point and one not made often enough. Most of what we see here in the support forum are those who are having issues. It would be interesting to get sales numbers from Amplifi on how many units they have sold; that might give some perspective on how many are having issues vs not.

  • Hello again.

    Internet cable is Cat6A. When plugged from the wall to the computer the internet speed is ok, on par with connection speed ~800-950 mb/s. Internet speed is 1000 mb/s - fiber connection.

    When plugging the cable from the wall to the router, internet speed drops to 90-95 mb/s. Several resets were made to the router, nothing changed. Firmware was up to date. I tried using only wi-fi, only cable, with wi-fi and cable, different computers, only 1 computer connected, only 1 computer with wi-fi, only 1 computer with LAN, only 1 phone connected. The router was always locked to 100 mb/s.

    I also went to another work colleague's house. He has a different connection - 500mb/s. Same issue on his devices. The router was locked to 90-95 mb/s both upload and download.

    I RMA'ed the product with defective reason.

  • I am one of many out there who moved from Apple routers to “HD” then couple of years later upgraded to Gamer’s edition and soon to their latest and greatest.

    And .... FWIW, I am a very nasty, difficult and picky person who always looks for the BEST of the BEST and expect fast support / service - IF / WHEN needed.

    That’s all I thought to share in regards to my full satisfaction with AmpliFi team and products!

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