Guest Network Allowed To Temporarily See LAN Devices

  • I'd like to see an addition to the guest network schedule for allowing guests to be able to see other local devices. An example of when this would come in handy is when you have friends over and want to play Among Us locally but currently have them on your guest network. I can envision it working with the guest network timer to not only turn on guest network, but also have a check box for "allow devices to see other devices" for that session.

  • @alexfeldmeier
    With all due respect to your post...
    If you're having a "friend" over to have an old school LAN party, are you really that worried about them connecting to your existing LAN?

    Cool feature request none-the-less, I PERSONALLY am just having a hard time finding the usefull-ness of it.


  • @Anthony_014
    I see your point but in my case I host game nights with 20+ people (before COVID) and just give out my guest password to all of them.

    Maybe a better way for this feature is to allow specific guest devices LAN access for the trusted friends for the short times they need it.

  • @alexfeldmeier
    That makes sense!

    Either way, I like the idea! The more customizability, the better!

    Cheers man!

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