Amplifi HD Base Station - Intermittent Dropped Connections

  • The past few months I have had intermittent drops in my connectivity with my AmpliFi HD router. The internet will just drop for 5-20 seconds. I’ve had this thing since July 2018, and since around update 3.4.1 it’s just been really struggling.

    I’m currently on 3.4.2 and continue to just have random dropouts sometimes with my HD LCD screen showing there is a problem. The error on the screen doesn’t always appear but the dropouts probably happen anywhere between 6 to 12 times an hour. It’s pretty frustrating to work from home and keep having your remote connections pause.

    This happens to me both on wired and Wi-Fi connections.

    I’ve done factory resets, beta firmware, enabled “A-MDSU” and “bypass dns cache” on the guidance of support and nothing is working.

    I only have the base station, no mesh points. The house is roughly 2100 sq ft and have not had coverage issues. I have 3-4 devices connected at a time (HP laptop, Samsung smart TVs, fire stick, 2 iPhones).

    Is it possible to try out an older firmware like 3.1.2 to see if the issue goes away?

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