I am sorry but this needs to be said.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I promise this is the one thing EVERYONE here is upset with. Every time we ask for something (160mhz, WPA3, scheduled reboots, etc) you say we will add it to the list. NOT one time have you actually Implemented it. As a customer who bought this router day 1 and had faith you would add basic Wifi 6 features, this is disappointing. Firmware updates are taking too long also.

    @UI-AmpliFi I am looking at buying another router, because I am tired of Fake promises to ADD features. In one year you could not add scheduled reboots? It does not require a Team of experts to test a feature like that. Your Customers are asking for BASIC stuff that WIFI 6 is supposed to have (WPA3\160Mhz) and your response is always "Good idea, we will add it to the list or we are Working on it". Then you NEVER do anything.

    I really love the hardware. I really love the company. Please STEP UP!



    Edit Thanks for the Beta Firmware today.

  • I agree but most companies are like that. Although despite the lack of WiFi 6 features, I've been impressed with how much they added to the app and router. But that's why I buy routers that already have the core features I want.

  • @Timothy-Farley Agreed! I'm very surprised a lot of the requested features on this forum were not available when the Alien router initially released. The communication and transparency between users and admins/devs have been very limited and I'm sure many who expected more from this router are greatly frustrated that not much has advanced from launch date. Especially after paying the high price tag for it.

    There is a great amount of potential for the Alien router than what is currently being offered by competitors, but many may not be as optimistic. The most disappointing event I've personally seen was the most recent firmware release. A lot of beta users at the time had massive issues with signal connectivity, along with continuous issues that would arise during testing. With that being said, the firmware (same version as the beta) was still publicly released to users with the same beta issues leaving many new and older active users wondering when a fix will be pushed to resolve such issue. I think that was a bad move, especially when almost everyone is home depending on their WiFi for school, work or personal everyday usage.

    Hope to see better improvements as we go into 2021!

  • @Skillzx5 I am just upset at how many times do we have to request something and nothing happens. Its been a year and not one single request they said got added. Everyone one is asking for 160hmz and WPA3. I just expected when they said we will put it on the list something would happen. I love the hardware, but it feels like they got too small of a team working on the Alien.

  • @Timothy-Farley
    I'm not trying to start a war or argument here. It's not the place for it...

    BUT: Do you understand what is really required/the process for making specifically the 160 Mhz request happen?
    If the answer is NO, you may do some research on the FCC's website regarding frequency coordination and compliance regulations. There's A-LOT to take into account here.

  • @Anthony_014 I also feel that they are unable to add many new features before making sure that the basic functionality problems with these routers are completely ironed out and fixed. A lot of people are reporting firmware, speed or connectivity problems and sorting these out is surely a priority rather than adding new features that might cause even more difficulties.

  • @Anthony_014 I am a system engineer who sets this stuff up for a living (Unifi side of the house). So yes! Also the hardware is in place, 160mhz was not new a year ago. Its only software needing to be finished. Yes they need to update it with the FCC, because they didnt apply for it at first. Before this router I had an Asus 802.11ax router with 160mhz out of the box, 160mhz is noting new.

    We have been told for a year (I got mine day 1, I overnighted it), it was coming. Also it is a requirement for Wifi 6 certification. Same with WPA3. I just dont get how a year later and we are no were even close. I am calling them out on it, because I see people asking EVERY day here for it. They promise its coming, but nothing. Cant they just give us an ETA for 160mhz and WPA3. I think thats fair.

  • @Timothy-Farley You have every right to be upset and voice your concerns, there is nothing wrong with that. I agree that they have a small team working on this project, but I also feel they were thinking of just launching this product and building/adding additional features via software updates as they were still working on them on their side. The reason why I say this is because if we were to just look at the hardware components, they are by far very impressive for a home unit and with that being said traditional features can be added via software updates as they test and develop the product long term. In terms of 160hmz and WPA3, those were in development years ago by a lot of major networking companies, I think they were planning to flip the switch on for this as they continuously build and push firmware updates.

    For users such as yourself, I hope they do enable those features because I'm sure it was what made you buy this product instead of their competitors.

  • the hardware is in place, 160mhz was not new a year ago. Its only software needing to be finished

    While the Qualcomm Hawkeye v2 platform that the Alien is based off of is 160 MHZ capable, there has been no confirmation that the custom single stamping 12 polarity antenna that the Alien uses can do regulatory compliant 160 MHz channel widths in any meaningful way / distance

    So I don't think we can say for sure that the hardware is in place yet

    In order to have that 160 MHz channel travel any sort of meaningful distance through any sort of interference, can they keep the power within the regulatory limits?

    And even if they can push out a 160 MHz channel, what does it do to the other radios sharing the antenna stamping?

    In my mind that is what they mean by "working on it", why we haven't seen anything on the FCC website, and they have never promised publicly that it will happen

    The code is all out there from the reference design, so to me it is just as much, if not more, a hardware antenna issue, which is also the primary component that is different from the other routers based on the same Qualcomm platform that can do 160 MHz

    But that is still just speculation on my part...

  • @Timothy-Farley They cannot give you an ETA for several reasons. If they miss the ETA people will complain even louder and in some past instances, there have been lawsuits because of missed ETA's. I was going to say it was based on the size of the purchase but there are lawyers who are just looking to sue based on something like a missed ETA and if they find the right court they can win or at the least cause a protracted case. If nothing else they force a company to waste money on frivolous lawsuits.

  • @James-Earl-Ford I am just frustrated because I see so many people ask for things, lets just say scheduled reboots. It does not require FCC approval. Its really simple code. They say we will put that on the list of requested features. Then nothing happens, for a year. Thats my issue, they say they will add stuff and not once have they. In one year they could not of added ONE user request. I am just disappointed that for as much as this thing was, there are so many feature missing. I bought this knowing they were going to add that stuff later. They have not added anything.

    Back 160mhz\WPA3 issues. There is no antenna issue stopping them turning on WPA3. All I am asking is "We are trying to get it done X quarter". Right now they say we are working on it and one year later nothing but bug fixes.

    I have spent a lot of time here on this forum helping people, because I enjoy this community. I am just asking that they DO what they say. When they say we are going to add this SOFTWARE only feature, do it. Come on does it take a year to add schedule reboots (just the one I can think of off the top of my head)? People ask for them to add stuff and they say we will put it on the list, but they don't do anything.

    I gave up my 160mhz Asus Wifi 6 router with WPA3 and 2.5Gb ethernet to go with Amplifi, because I though this company would be better then ASUS. Asus does not care about their customers. I knew 2.5Gb ethernet was gone, but WPA3 and 160mhz would be coming.

    I dont regret buying the Alien, I just want them to step up. Listen to their customers and follow through. Stop saying they will add stuff when they wont.

  • Hi @Timothy-Farley - if you look at the history of the HD range, and especially the HW Teleport, the very long lag time to implement features will not be a surprise

    Not defending AmpliFi - that has just been the reality since the very beginning of the brand, and your frustration is shared by many many users, a lot of whom have come and gone

    It is a surprise that WPA3 is taking so long, but even the UniFi range is lacking WPA3 and they are generally silent on the feature having pulled it back into Alpha and not even Beta releases are supporting it

  • @Derek-Saville Well you get it at least. I wish @UI-AmpliFi would comment. They have lots of us loyal customers, who just want what we paid for. I honestly dont think we will see WPA3 or 160mhz for a year or two. I spent alot on this router and its being held back by software.

    I really love the hardware, I just expected more from support. Cant they at least give us (Quarter 2 we hope to have WPA 3 out)? Something like that would go a long way, a lot more then "We will put it on the list".

  • Hi @Timothy-Farley - this is just my from my experience in this community...the support engineers (now rolled up into the singular @UI-AmpliFi account) are just as much in the dark on the development plans and timelines as we are

    It has been stated in the past that the nobody from the development side officially looks at this site either - this is not the UI community (which has its own issues at the moment)

    So making a feature request and the Support team responding that they will "add it and/or the vote to the list" is pretty much all they can do, and my advice is 'don't hold your breath' on anything, as they only react to critical bugs and don't even fix the bugs that they deem minor or can't rapidly and easily replicate

    AmpliFi also does not use reference designs (especially when it comes to antennas) so they can't always take advantage of community property code like a lot of the generic routers that get pushed out quickly

    It was actually quite surprising they had the Alien sort of ready when they did, but many have speculated including myself, they rushed it out prematurely before the Thanksgiving sales rush
    (I still personally believe that the Alien was supposed to be the "WiFi-6 Gamers Edition" and nVidia pulled out of the project leaving them with an over designed (over cost) solution without the the 'gamer' marketing sales pitch to go with it)

    Anyways, they have moved to a common modular development platform so code is more portable between devices, like the Alien and the UniFi Dream Machine, so that should allow for quicker updates across both ranges, but they are just as far behind on the UDM as they are with Alien - probably mostly due to COVID, but look at the mess the UI community is

    The lack of WPA3 is a mystery and may just not be high enough on the bigger priority list covering all Ubiquiti product lines?

    160 MHz...I would be very surprised if the hardware can handle it, but even more pleasantly surprised (shocked really) if they do pull it off, although I still don't believe there is enough of a business case to make it worth the effort if it didn't happen quite easily on their first few attempts at it

  • @Timothy-Farley AmpliFi has made large improvements since our first product. We will continue to deliver great updates to our products and implement features that our users need. However implementation may take some time, we must go through proper certification and then create documentation for users before release. Full spec WiFi 6 has always been on the table for the Alien and we will continue to work towards release of this feature. We thank you for your support and patience as we work to deliver better features for our customers.

  • @UI-AmpliFi That is Marketing/CYA speak but I understand why you replied the way you did. Years ago I worked for a large computer manufacturer (eventually became a manager) and what we had to tell companies came from above and if you did not stick to the mantra we were told to stick too it could mean our job. Since we were separate from the engineering group a lot of the time we didn't know their timelines, backlogs, etc, so we were given a similar mantra to tell customers. As I have stated previously there is the issue of lawsuits over missed deadlines/promises that were not official.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thank you for replying.

    Could we please get something that shows use a time frame you plan on adding updates. It would be encouraging if you had a Quarterly or bi-yearly would be great.

    If possible please really consider this. I promise every customer here would love this. Please add a poll and let us vote on Features you have picked. That way you have control and we just pick what we would want to see next.

    We have all spent a lot of money on these routers and honestly the lack of Features kinda stinks. The hardware is amazing. Thank you.

  • AmpliFi has made large improvements since our first product.

    Hi @UI-AmpliFi - by 'first product' are you referring to the original AFi / AFi-LR? Or are you referring to the Alien launch, which is the topic of this thread?
    So yes, AmpliFi has made improvements since birth, but Alien...not so much

    We will continue to deliver great updates to our products and implement features that our users need.

    There is a very big difference between what AmpliFi defines as "what users need", what users actually need, and what users strongly want

    For example, PPPoE users with IGMPTV service (common in Europe) absolutely need IGMP to work over PPPoE, but that isn't something that has happened since launch

    Alien users in dense WiFi environments need to be able to manually select the upper 5.8 GHz band channel, but that still hasn't happened

    Alien users like @Timothy-Farley need WPA3 and 160 MHz channel widths in order to benefit from the Alien hardware

    However implementation may take some time, we must go through proper certification and then create documentation for users before release.

    We know certifications such as FCC take time, especially during COVID and we look forward to seeing the FCC submissions for 160 MHz channel widths and the DFS channels

    Have you completed the internal testing process and passed, so you are just waiting on the documentation?

    Are you you still working on getting it to work?

    WPA3 should not require certification, so what is the status?

    And as far as documentation, the Alien launched without an actual User Guide and one still hasn't been completed or posted to the Support website https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/sections/204150817-Documentation

    Documentation for AmpliFi range has been woefully outdated, so that should hardly be a reason for delays now

    Full spec WiFi 6 has always been on the table for the Alien and we will continue to work towards release of this feature.

    AmpliFi has stated that they are 'working on it', 'looking into it' and now you claim "full spec WiFi6 is getting closer", all of which has been true since the the original product announcement on this forum and doesn't actually mean anything

    For clarity, what do you actually mean by "full spec WiFi6"?

    How close is it?
    (just because something is 'getting closer' doesn't mean it isn't still far far away or even achievable...)

    Will Alien obtain actual Wi-Fi 6 certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance?

    Are you just referring to WPA3 and 160 MHz channel widths?

    What about DFS channels and manual channel selection in the upper band?

    What further improvements will AmpliFi actually deliver for the Alien within its first year of life?

    Thank you in advance for the updates!

  • @Derek-Saville Nice mic drop! lol

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