Ethernet ports when in bridge mode

  • Old setup: Amplifi HD (Main Router and AP) and a secondary Amplifi HD (AP only) using ethernet backhaul.

    Speeds were ok and there was horrible bufferbloat.

    I added an Edgrouter-X in and put the main Amplifi HD into bridge mode. When I did that the ethernet ports on the main HD stopped working so I can no longer do ethernet backhaul to the secondary HD. The secondary, after a reset, will connect via a mesh connection. I plugged in my laptop to the ethernet ports on the back and nothing; will not recognize anything plugged into it.

    Any suggestions?

  • @Ryan-Hahn As far as I understand, if you put the Amplifi HD in bridge mode you loose the remaining ethernet ports, but you still can use ethernet backhaul if you put a switch in between and connect the remaining Amplifi nodes via ethernet cables from the switch. The remaining nodes will also have the remaining ethernet ports "disabled". It's a shame!

  • @Mauricio-Henriques I used my amplifi hd in Bridge modes and could use the ethernet ports without any issues. This might be equipment failure.

  • @Raghu-Kannan My mistake. I stand corrected. It seems that after you reconfigure from router mode to bridge mode via the mgmt app, the remaining ports go "offline". Today I rebooted my amplifi HD unit and all ports are online, behaving like a small switch.

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