No IP Address

  • Hello everyone.

    I just purchased an Amplifi HD and I'm having trouble trying to get it setup. I have an Arris SB8200 connected to it. I use Comcast and have a 1gig connection.

    I've tried factory resetting the Amplifi HD a couple of times and still can't get it to connect or get past the no IP address. When I hard wire the PC to the modem, the internet is working perfectly fine. Just for fun, I've tried switching on Bridge mode but it didn't work. Any further ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • @Nelson-Yester Two things to check: are you connecting the WAN port of the Amplifi HD to the modem, and are you using the same cable you used when you tested the PC?

  • @Matthew-Leeds -----experiencing same issues and all cables and ports are correct. very frustrating as the amplifi system worked great until I needed to upgrade to the SB8200

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