Just wanted to say Thanks for a good product

  • I was using a Nighthawk wifi 6 mesh for about 2 weeks. Then I started getting wifi drops. I didnt think much of it until my family members started getting dropped also. I ended up googling it and finding out its actually an issue with that mesh. Went out and bought a Amplifi HD setup and speed/coverage is great. I only have 1 wifi 6 device but I can already tell that I'm going to buy the Alien setup around Nov/Dec since the PS5 does wifi 6.

    At any rate, I have a pfSense firewall doing various things so I setup the A-HD in bridge mode and voila! Everything works perfect. I dont have to mess with anything. Only drawback, I have the fairly good looking A-HD router hidden in the "server room" so nobody gets to see it. Kudos guys, looks like you have another happy customer!

  • @themagicm, I would monitor AmpliFi's user forum a bit longer before shrining for that most expensive of WiFi 6 MESH routers currently on the market. My reasons?"

    • Firmware 3.4.1 was released, then withdrawn, more than a month ago, and the only public comments I've seen from the company are almost cheerleading (reminiscent of Luke's companion resistance X-wing pilot announcing "almost there" as he hones in on the Death Star's vulnerable center before being blown out of the universe by an imperial fighter)) reports that the re-release would be "any day now," then 1-2 weeks, then "we don't yet know" after stating for the first week of its unavailability to most customers was because they didn't want to overload their ability to disseminate it. This week we've seen a new release candidate, but users are reporting problems with it as well. I'm not the most techie of customers, but some of the complaints are that core features of WiFi 6 have been missing in action since the initial release of the Alien.

  • @jsrnephdoc Hang in there, full spec WiFi6 is getting closer.

  • @jsrnephdoc Unless I am missing something you appear to be talking about the Alien product while @themagicm was talking about the Amplifi HD.

  • @James-Earl-Ford
    Ye, but he concluded his message implying that one reason for writing was his plan to buy an Alien router soon; its software remains a work in progress

  • @jsrnephdoc Thanks, that's why I wrote my reply the way I did. Since he was praising how good a product the HD is and so much of your reply focused on the Alien, I overlooked him saying he was going to eventually purchase an Alien.

  • Good points from you guys. I'll definitely do research before I buy. I don't want to be in the same situation I was in with the Netgear stuff.

    The Alien setup is pricey so I'll definitely monitor the forums.

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