Dual WAN (Comcast and Verizon Fios), mesh network. What do I need?

  • Hi, I am new here.

    I see that a EdgeRouter X can be configured to handle load balancing and fail safe, etc. I would like like to get 2 or 3 Amplify HD to create a mesh network.

    One option is to connect both Verizon Fios and Comcast to an EdgeRouter X, and then the LAN from that to several Amplify HD. I think that should work, but I am not sure, I never did something like this.

    I am also curious if I could connect Verizon Fios to one Amplify HD and Comcast to another Amplify HD and create a mesh network this way, without EdgeRouter X. I could connect the 2 Amplify HD to each other via WiFi, or I could run a network cable. This would save a little bit since I would not need the EdgeRouter X. Do you think a set up like this is possible?


  • @Space-Time Hello, the best way to set this up will be an Edge router X as the router and then place the AmpliFi routers in bridge mode. AmpliFi does not support dual WAN, this is why the EdgeRouter is needed.

  • Thanks. I assume the Amplify HD will still be able to do a mesh network between them, even in Bridge mode. Could you please confirm this? Thanks

  • @Space-Time I use the HD and the alien in Bridge mode (not together though). If you use the edgerouter to handle the routing, it'll work.

    My sister has an orbi in Bridge mode and a tp link dual wan router with one network as fallback and it works well..

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