Router having autoneg issues and dropping Internet connection when throughput gets high

  • I just picked up an Amplifi HD today. I connected everything, got firmware updated, and the meshpoints configured and wireless running. I noticed that the router would intermittently flash the message that the internet cable is unplugged every few minutes. On my PC i also noticed that anytime I would start streaming any type of video the connection would drop and the message would show up on the router about cable being unplugged. I was able to figure out how to replicate the issue by running a speed test. Anytime I run a speedtest, the router gives the message and the connection drops for about 15 seconds.
    After some basic troubleshooting, I decided to put a Gig workswitch in between the Amplifi Router and my cable modem. I see that the cable modem always connects at Gig speed. If I reconnect the Amplifi router over and over, about half the time it will connect at a slower speed. My Gig switch only tells me if it is Gig, it wont tell me if it is 10 or 100, or full\half duplex.

    When the router connects at non Gig speed, I can run a speedtest or stream video, although the bandwidth is much lower than it should be. I tried downloading the support files, but I have no way to read them to see if it gives any indication as to whether the router is having some type of interface issues.
    Is there any way to get any advanced troubleshooting diagnostics out of the router?
    I am leaning towards there being a hardware fault in the router.
    I have a Linksys wireless router I can connect using the cable from the Amplifi router and everything works flawlessly.

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