Disable Radio in Main unit

  • Hello,

    I believe this has been requested a number of times but please give us the ability to disable the radio in the main Alien (and HD) router unit like we can on the mesh points.

    I have a problem right now there my main unit is in the basement where the incoming feed is and feeds 2 mesh units upstairs by wired backhaul. Nothing connects to my basement unit by Wifi, it's only connected to a 24 port switch.

    I just installed 2 Smart Fans and they continually connect to the main basement unit at 50-55% signal strength when there's upstairs mesh units that will give them 75-80% signal strength. Which makes them slow to react to commands and even miss commands compared to when they are connected to the closer upstairs mesh points.

    Right now I've had to build a tin foil "hat/cover" around my basement unit to block the signal to force the fans to connect to the upstairs mesh unit, which obviously is ridiculous 🙂

    I know I can make a separate SSID for the upstairs units to connect to but I'd rather only have 1 SSID in my house and if a mesh point goes down 1 SSID allows it to hop to the next closest mesh unit (which is another upstairs mesh unit) rather than going completely offline.

    Please add this in. It's already there for mesh points, I can't imagine it would be that hard to implement for the main unit.

    Thank you,

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