Allow automatic Teleport of all devices on Remote Router, rather than individually Teleport each.

  • Currently, it appears that for every device (on the Remote Router) where I want to Teleport to the Home Router, I would need to individually and manually "configure & Teleport" that device in the Devices section of the Amplifi mobile app.

    Since I want all my devices (at the Remote Router) to Teleport over to the Home Router, could that be automatic? In other words, can we have a feature, to "Teleport the Remote Router" completely, so that whenever there's a new computer or smartphone connecting to Remove Router, then it'll automatically get Teleported to Home Router.

    I'm sure this is can be done by just a simple software solution (like a new configuration setting), and nothing technically preventing this feature.

    What do you think?

  • My apologies for the bump (and feel free to remove this post if it is against forum rules), but I wanted to +1 this request.

    A toggle to teleport all clients that connect to the router would be a cool idea.

    Side note: this has to be the most seamless and reliable router-to-router VPN solution I've used so far in a consumer router. It's absolutely rock solid and recovers from any network quirkiness seamlessly. Kudos to the AmpliFi team.

  • An alternative temporary solution (long term in my case) is to Router-to-Router Teleport an entire secondary ethernet router back to the home location

    For example, I have an old HD connected to an Alien using DHCP mode (if I recall bridge mode also works) and the entire HD (or any other router), and anything connected to it, is Teleported back home

    This way WiFi clients can also easily Teleport just by switching to an alternative SSID, including laptops and other clients which can't use the Teleport app, so you don't have to go into the AmpliFi app and create and close connections all the time

    Just set manually set channels to avoid interference

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