EU firmware on US model

  • From what I’ve seen Alien hardware is identical no matter what country you reside. If EU firmware was recovery flashed instead, what would happen? Thinking this could help the early adopters comply with their regions regulations.

    Would AmpliFi allow this?

  • @Reados not sure if the hardware is the same as the eu/international models lack the additional WiFi 5 radio.

  • @Reados +1. As I have an EU one first and then an US one, I found out they could out be used together as a mesh system, even I set to the same country code.

  • @Fan-Yang interesting. I heard the US & EU model were incapable of pairing together for the mesh to work.

    I was thinking more if someone was an early adopter, they could flash to the EU firmware to adhere to their country’s regulations.

  • Derek mentioned HW is not the same: "Alien uses WiFi-6 for meshing and the US model exclusively uses the upper 5.8 GHz band for WiFi-6; Your EU model can utilize WiFi-6 across the entire 5 GHz spectrum (5.2 + 5.8)".

    And AmpliFi Support said "AmpliFi ALN (US version) won't mesh with AmpliFi ALN (EU version)".

    I have tried change country setting in EU model to US, so both of two routers should work in the range, but it doesn't work.

  • @Fan-Yang well that sucks. Luckily I don’t really need to add another into mix, but still..

  • I'm a new user to amplifi products, now I understand why some people say this brand is super cool but quite closed...
    I doublt they'll allow cross flashing firmware on different region HWs, but let's see, this is the place for suggestions right? ☺

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