Error in the topology display

  • Hi, with my network I noticed that the topology is displayed incorrectly in the router UI. It's not a problem because the network is working correctly. I'm afraid my setup is probably a bit unusual as well. I am running three routers in my network in "bridged mode". 1 x Amplifi HD and 2 x Amplifi Instant. Via WLAN a microtik router is connected as client. Devices of my solar system are connected to this router.
    The mesh setup of my Fritzbox has resolved the structure correctly. The Mikrotik Router is completely missing in the Ampifi interface and the devices connected to it are randomly assigned to an Amplifi Router. There are also two pictures attached.
    As I said, it is only the visualization. The function is as expected.
    1_1602706100121_Fritz_x.png 0_1602706100120_Amplifi_x.png

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