Amplifi HD as ISP router replacement

  • Hello,
    since I got my Amplifi HD I've used it in bridge mode downstream of my ISP GPON fiber router (Huawei HG8245Q) without any issue.
    I've seen that AFI support PPPoE, so I want to ditch the ISP router altogether.
    To replace GPON-Wan conversion of ISP router I've got an ISP OLT compatible ONT (Huawei HG8010H) on which I've copied router's serial number and no apparent issues here, from what I read on ONT manual OLT-ONT connection seems to be working correctly.

    My problems arise when i try to configure AFI for PPPoE. First of all, here my ISP configuration parameters:

    VLan: 835(data)
    VLan: 836(voice)
    Protocol: PPPoE
    PPPoE usr: benvenuto
    PPPoE pwd: ospite
    Encapsulation: LLC
    NAT: enabled
    COS data: 0 (IEEE 802.1 P)
    COS voice: 5 (IEEE 802.1 P)

    I know that AFI support only one Vlan Id but this is not a problem for me since i don't use voice. AFI firmware is updated to 3.4.2.

    So, I tried in different ways to change hardware and configuration with no success:

    • Initial state: ISP router connected to AFI in bridge mode; connected to AFI WiFi I change mode from Amplifi App, I set up PPPoE parameters, I replace ISP router with ONT and restart AFI.
      Result: I'm not able to connect to it with Amplifi App (stuck in pwd request loop) but only with WebUI (in which only PPPoE parameters that i can find are user/pwd) and AFI show No Ip address error.

    • Initial state: ONT connected to AFI factory resetted; Amplifi App make initial configuration, find AFI, I set up PPPoE Parameters and connect to AFI WiFi.
      Result: same as before.

    To be able to reconnect to AFI via App i need to replace ONT with ISP router, set up Bridge Mode via WebUI and restart everything. Also in my App (italian version) NAT configuration shown here
    is not present.

    Anyone has any idea to find the root issue here? Also, is ti normal that Amplifi App doesn't connect to AFI management if AFI doesn't have internet access? In cases described above smartphone result connected to AFI WiFi with no internet.

    Many thanks for the help.

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